Jean Kanokogi, PhD

Jean Kanokogi, PhD

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Jean Kanokogi, Ph.D. is a Senior Special Agent for the US Government with extensive experience in conducting criminal and administrative investigations. With a career spanning for over 23 years in law enforcement, Jean has been the lead investigator on several high-profile cases, some including the attacks on 9/11 and many that focus on protecting public health. She has researched and instructed as a subject matter expert in deception detection, cognitive interviews, rapport building, interview/interrogation methodologies offensive/defensive tactics and firearms safety and engagement. She authored numerous mental health and law enforcement related articles in various publications and professional journals. She holds a B.S. and M.S in Criminal Justice/Protection Management and a PhD in Psychology.

She dedicates her off-duty time as a volunteer for the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association where she is the Director of Mental Health and Peer Support Services. In this monumental and inaugural role, she is building a peer support program to augment what is already in place for other agencies, to offset the horrific suicide rates amongst the federal law enforcement community. She works daily to bridge the gap between law enforcement and mental wellness. Additionally, this role allows her to comment on bi-partisan bills that directly impact the mental health of law enforcement officers (LEO). She also serves as an Agency President which allows her to act as a liaison.

Jean was detailed to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) and during this detail, she helped develop course work and instructed over 5000 new and seasoned LEO’s in a myriad of topics, including crisis intervention, pre-assault indicators of the active shooter/active shooter response, multi-cultural interviewing, working with the developmentally disabled community, critical incident stress management, self-stress management and conflict resolution. She is a certified Department of Homeland Security FLETC Senior Instructor. Some has presented before foreign and domestic dignitaries as well as filled stadiums. Jean participated in studies with the High Value Detainee Interrogation Group. She is a trained law enforcement peer counselor and a graduate of the NJ State Police CIT training institute.

Jean has consulted on television program "Law and Order, Special Victim's Unit"; she is a story consultant to a pre-production documentary, was an associate producer for a motion picture. She is the co-author of, “Get up & Fight-The memoir of Rusty Kanokogi”; and she is a 5th degree black belt in judo. Jean was a member of the U.S. National Judo Team – winning medals for the USA in many international competitions. She is a respected and recognized judo Sensei.

Additional philanthropic work includes mentoring high-risk youths, motivational/engaging speaking and serving on the evaluation committee for the Rusty Kanokogi Scholarship fund managed by the Women’s Sports Foundation. Website: www.rustykanokogi.com

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