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  • Recruitment and Selection Skills

    ALESYS’ certification process for Recruitment and Selection Skills will enable your Recruiters, and those who interview applicants, to select the very best talent for your organization.  Our process is about finding the best talent for your organization’s culture – people who demonstrate the skills of the job and, more importantly, possess the ability to not only do the job well, but also to make real contributions and help grow the job in the right way to accomplish the vision and business goals of your organization.

    Benefits of ALESYS' Recruitment and Selection Skills Training:

    • Leaders who clearly understand their role in hiring the very best talent.
    • Significantly improved skills for anyone who must recruit, interview and/or select the very best talent.
    • Leaders who accept responsibility for ensuring the best fit for qualified candidates to serve the business needs of the organization.

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  • Leadership Skills – Strategic Decision-Making Skills®, Leadership Communication Skills, Tactical Decision-Making Skills®, Managing Change Effectively®

    Leaders must be able to communicate your company’s business strategy in a manner that employees of the company can understand, and then help them understand the role they play in accomplishing the strategy.

    Benefits of ALESYS' Leadership Skills Training:

    • Leaders who understand their critical role in the performance improvement of each team member on behalf of the business goals of their work units.
    • Significantly improved productivity, quality, and morale in work units, as leaders provide clearer guidance in how to achieve higher performance standards.
    • Leaders who accept responsibility for "raising the bar" for each person whose performance is within their leadership role.

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  • Workplace Performance Improvement Skills®

    Unfortunately, schools or colleges often don't teach good learning skills and techniques. They just assume that everyone knows how to manage their own learning very well. Often, that's not the case!


    To get the most from your training efforts, your Learners must be able to learn in the classroom, as well as in many other learning settings. Learning must be done quickly and confidently, often on content that the Learner finds very complex or even intimidating. Improved learning skills can enable anyone's continuous improvement and professional development process. The result is a significant long-term payoff to the organization, and to every employee and Manager who improves their ability to learn and change.


    Our powerful learning skills training course is available in several formats and is customized to the needs and considerations of various levels in any organization.

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  • Coaching Skills training

    Our Coaching Skills training programs teach your Managers, Supervisors, and Team Leaders to more effectively coach their employees, resulting in measurable improvements in job performance. Our Customers who use these programs tell us their staff quickly embrace our non-confrontational approach to improving their performance.


    Our Coaching Skills Training courses teach your Managers and Supervisors to:

    • Improve coaching skills in the workplace.
    • Develop non-confrontational, but highly effective strategies for reinforcing and encouraging performance behaviors that meet standards, and for improving ineffective behaviors.
    • Improve effectiveness in managing a variety of coaching opportunities.
    • Develop strategies for managing resistance to coaching, including emotional reactions.
    • Improve all types of workplace performance.

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  • Sales Skills

    Our Sales Skills programs are best suited for successful Sales personnel who are being asked to transition to a consultative sales model and a team approach to selling. We tie all training content directly to what you want your Sales Team members to achieve.


    Benefits of ALESYS' Sales Skills Training:

    • Increased acceptance of the values that result from a consultative sales approach by Sales Team members.
    • Increased skills in recognizing more complex and far-reaching sales opportunities among your Customers and prospects.
    • Greater skills in managing each prospect or current Customer through a team selling approach that leverages individual selling skills and knowledge to benefit your Customer and your company.

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  • Teaching Content Experts to Teach®

    These knowledgeable members of your organization have great potential for being highly effective Trainers in various workplace learning settings.


    To fulfill the important role of "Trainer," content experts often need professional development in how to transfer their content knowledge and skills to others. Once you have provided your internal content experts with these career-building skills, you'll have a ready supply of motivated professionals who can teach any content effectively.


    Our professional development programs are the most effective in the industry for preparing content experts to train.

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  • Train-the-Trainer

    Our foundational Train the Trainer program - Managing the Learning Process Effectively® - is robust and is designed for anyone who is responsible for training or teaching others.


    The goals of the program are:

    • Deeper understanding of "learning management," the role of the Learning Manager, and
    • the responsibilities of Learners.
    • Increased confidence in using effective techniques to deliver any type of learning content.
    • More powerful learning sessions that appeal to the different styles and stages of learning.
    • Improved ability to recognize and manage resistance to learning.
    • Commitment among Trainers and Facilitators to become reflective practitioners in the field of learning management.

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