Create snackable learning content that makes training and communicating with your employees!


  • Create your Bites

    What's a Bite?

    A four step full learning experience: 

    1 - Story: Record quick videos using your phone or convert the content you already have into video content.

    2 - Quiz: After viewing the professional story, a quiz or question reinforces understanding of the training content.

    3 - Following the question, synthesize the most important points with flashcards, a key step for maximizing knowledge retention.

    4 - To close out the Bite, discussions let you gain valuable feedback, create a community, and interact more closely with your employees.

    After creating your Bite, you can share it on all the communication channels your employees are already in! They have access to the content without having to create an account.

    Make it simple, make a Bite.


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