• Managing Differences and Conflict Program and Assessment Inventory

    The Managing Conflict and Disagreement Program introduces a complete framework for constructively managing conflict in the workplace and provides hands-on experience for applying it.  Participants first learn four core principles for successful conflict management: principles that will guide their experience together and ground their day-to-day work when they return home.

    Using CME’s exclusive Management of Differences Inventory™, participants then explore nine conflict resolution strategies — learning how to widen their repertoires beyond their own comfort zones, when to choose each technique, when to recognize that a strategy isn’t working and try something else, and how to use all nine strategies more successfully.

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  • Stress Management training

    To build a higher-performance organization, give individuals the stress management techniques, tools, and insights they need to manage stress. CME’s best-in-class stress management training offers a comprehensive, proven blueprint for helping valued employees reduce stress and manage stressful situations, both in their work life and beyond. Built around CME’s exclusive Personal Stress Assessment Inventory™, it helps individuals customize specific workplace stress management techniques and skills most likely to work for them.

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  • Risk Taking Training and Assessment Inventory

    The Effective Risk Taking Program presents a systematic decision-making model for intelligently evaluating risk and making better decisions with incomplete or ambiguous information. Participants begin by assessing their own tendencies using our exclusive Risk Taking Inventory & Guide, illuminating their own instincts for welcoming or avoiding risk, and recognizing opportunities to optimize their decision processes for uncertain conditions. Then, working from a deeper personal understanding, they’ll learn proven strategies, approaches, and heuristics for improving decisions involving risk and uncertainty. One step at a time, they’ll discover how to diagnose issues, assess risks associated with various options, plan and prepare for decisions, and make decisions that can be successfully implemented.

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  • Decision Making Strategies Training

    This Decision Making Training Program gives participants the tools and the skills to develop strategies to make better decisions. Simply making good decisions is not enough. Successful outcomes depend on how one makes decisions, the process being as important as the result. Participants discover current decision-making patterns and learn how to broaden their repertoire. Using the unique Decision Making Strategies Inventory, they learn how to select the best of four decision-making strategies for each situation.

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