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  • Off The Shelf +

    Our cost-effective way to ‘go digital’

    We understand that you’re not always looking for budget-busting, fully bespoke digital solutions. That’s why we have
    launched OfftheShelf+. A new way of ‘going digital’ at pace, whilst keeping costs down. Our creative frameworks include
    soft skills, leadership, compliance, contact centre skills and sales skills. All built with great content, rich visuals, and
    engaging interactions.

    But what’s the + for, we hear you ask?
    OfftheShelf+ is the perfect blend of predesigned eLearning frameworks that can be purchased standalone or customised.
    Not only is our great content ready for you to use straight away, but our creative ‘ready to go’ digital solutions can also
    be branded, customised, and enhanced.
    Our predesigned solutions are not your typical basic, bland solutions.
    Each one has been lovingly created by our expert digital wizards,
    making s...
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    Off The Shelf +