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  • LMS Services

    We get your LMS set up and running smoothly; implement add-on services as needed; and offer support for the long haul.

    Elearning Delta works alongside your team to implement and optimize all the features of your LMS while recommending processes and solutions to improve the performance and functionality of your system.

    We also help with e-commerce, APIs, integrations, and other "bolt on" solutions - like social learning or XR capabilities - to enhance and streamline your overall training program.

    Our LMS services include:

    • Installing LMS and initializing settings
    • Implementing features based on your needs
    • Customizing with themes and branding
    • Setting up admin user accounts and permissions
    • Setting up gamification, personalization, and social features
    • Implementing CE credits, certifications, and reporting processes
    • Integrating your LMS with third party services

    More Information » elearningdelta.com/lms-services

  • LMS Consulting

    We help you find the perfect LMS for your business, school, or organization. We match you with 3 best-fit Learning Management Systems, based on the following general criteria:

    • Type of Organization
    • Targeted Learners
    • Required Features
    • Cost and Scalability
    • Integration Requirements
    • Security and Support

    More Information » elearningdelta.com/custom-lms

  • LMS Support

    Once your LMS is running at peak performance, we can keep it that way with one of our ongoing service plans. The Elearning Delta team will maintain your LMS, recommend and implement new features, and even do user support.

    Example support tasks Include:

    • Ongoing Support for your team
    • Managing user support inquiries
    • Providing edits to content as needed
    • Troubleshooting issues
    • Monitoring active user and user thresholds to determine best cost levels of LMS
    • Recommending new features that would benefit client as they become available in LMS
    • Providing monthly reporting on active users and support inquiries

    More Information » elearningdelta.com/lms-services



  • Christine Lehmann
    Christine Lehmann

    COO and Managing Partner
    Elearning Delta
    AUSTIN, Texas

  • Deltina Hay
    Deltina Hay

    CTO and Managing Partner
    Elearning Delta
    Austin, Texas