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  • Managed Learning Services

    Learning and development, and talent management programs are increasingly needed on a global scale. Does your internal team have the bandwidth to deliver consistent results enterprise-wide? GP Strategies delivers the global resources and expertise you need to address the full spectrum of training challenges you face. Whether your goal is to increase flexibility, improve quality, or reduce costs, knowing your learning services are being expertly managed by a trustworthy partner is critical for success. From supplemental staff working within your own infrastructure to full-service support to take your initiative from start to finish, we tailor a solution to fit your needs.

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    Managed Learning Services
  • Content Design, Development & Delivery

    To achieve ambitious goals, organizations must enable their people to perform at a high level. Yet, when operating in uncertain and increasingly complex markets, traditional approaches to learning won’t deliver the results you need.
    As part of our comprehensive menu of learning transformation services, we deliver innovative ideas and approaches in three critical areas: content design, development and delivery. With one eye on today and the other on your content needs of tomorrow, our learner-centric approach turns your people into effective problem solvers at all levels of the organization. 

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    Content Design, Development & Delivery
  • Leadership Development

    The world of work is changing. Businesses are becoming more interconnected. Markets are more volatile and uncertain. And leaders are asked to inspire a more independent, dispersed workforce. Today's business environment is awash in a whitewater of change. Organizations are asked to continuously improve while developing a culture that is customer focused, delivers on strategy, streamlines decision making, and optimizes employee engagement. At GP Strategies, we have the real-world experience and local resources to support your development efforts on a global scale. GP Strategies will help you connect strategy, culture, and leadership to build an agile, adaptable workforce prepared to handle the challenges ahead.

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    Leadership Development
  • Technology Implementation & Adoption

    When technology implementation and adoption go well, they can produce significant cost reductions, improved productivity, a more engaged workforce, superior business results, and a healthy return on investment for your technology spend. For more than 50 years, we have supported some of the largest organizations in the world with their selection, implementation and adoption of new enterprise and HCT technologies. Our proven technology adoption frameworks combined with our implementation and user support services help organizations leverage new technologies across the board to deliver critical business outcomes.

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    Technology Implementation & Adoption
  • Business Consulting & Organizational Development

    When strategy aligns with capable leadership and a performance-ready workforce, the exceptional will be achieved. Our expert management consultants help you identify where your business needs to go and what it will take to get there. Then we work with you to develop and execute a strategy that brings out the best in your most valuable resource – your people. Whether your business needs a change in workforce mindsets and performance, learning and development technologies, or critical business processes, GP Strategies is the transformation partner you can trust.

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    Business Consulting & Organizational Dev...
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  • Matthew Donovan
    Matthew Donovan

    Chief Learning and Innovation Officer
    GP Strategies
    Bloomington, Indiana

  • Heidi Milberg
    Heidi Milberg

    Vice President
    GP Strategies
    Troy, Michigan

  • Lisa Fagan
    Lisa Fagan

    Vice President Global Leadership
    GP Strategies
    Tampa, Florida

  • Sheri Weppel
    Sheri  Weppel

    Director of E-Learning and Training Development
    GP Strategies Corporation
    United States