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Mandel is the global leader in technology-driven communication skills training. 

With proven expertise in the science of communication, Mandel helps companies around the world prepare their people to present, listen, and collaborate more effectively and make every communication count.  With flexible, technology-driven delivery options and proven customized content, Mandel is the recognized leader in anytime, anywhere human communication skills training of the highest quality and results. 

Since 1993, Mandel has been dedicated to helping executives, sales, and technical professionals achieve improved business results through effective business conversations and presentations, particularly when the stakes are high. Mandel's proprietary approach to strengthening presentation, conversation, and listening skills turns communications into a competitive advantage.

With a global presence, Mandel delivers its solutions both face-to-face and virtually in more than 15 languages, across 75 countries.

Companies who've implemented Mandel's solutions to enable and empower their employees, include: Cisco, DELL-EMC, Hilti, HPE, Intel, MASCO, and ServiceNow.


  • The Extraordinary Presenter (Virtual and In-Person Options)

    Organizations are under constant, intense pressure to make better decisions faster in the face of a never-ending barrage of data. When your employees aren’t prepared to speak to what they value in a way that inspires trust and understanding, nobody wins. Deals are lost. Critical recommendations are overlooked. Innovation is stifled.


    THE EXTRAORDINARY PRESENTER® - VIRTUAL addresses the challenge head-on by equipping participants with five critical skills then need to THINK and SPEAK for RESULTS when presenting, both virtually and in-person:


    THINK deeply about the audience
    CRAFT the presentation story
    NAVIGATE visuals to maximize impact
    ENGAGE with executive presence
    INTERACT credibly during tough Q&A

    More Information » www.mandel.com/workshops/effective-presentation-sk...

    The Extraordinary Presenter (Virtual and...
  • The Influential Conversation™ (Virtual and In-Person Options)

    The hidden costs of ineffective meetings are staggering, considering the wasted time and corrosive impact of subpar decision making in many organizations.


    In the absence of critical conversation skills, organizations fail to enable the true potential of their employees. People fail to reach agreement. Projects come to a halt. Deals don’t close. Add in virtual communication and issues multiply.


    THE INFLUENTIAL CONVERSATION™ - VIRTUAL addresses these challenges head-on. This interactive two-day workshop equips learners with five critical skills to effectively communicate during any conversation:


    ASSESS audience pressure points
    FOCUS on desired outcomes
    LISTEN to understand
    ASK the right questions
    UNCOVER and remove obstacles

    More Information » www.mandel.com/workshops/influential-skills

    The Influential Conversation™ (Virtual...
  • The Breakthrough Communicator Online™

    Digital transformation has arrived and business priorities have changed. Soft skills are now recognized as essential to organizational success and effective communication is at the center of it all.


    THE BREAKTHROUGH COMMUNICATOR ONLINE™ provides a fun, engaging semi-synchronous learning solution that lays the foundation for impactful messaging and provides actionable tools for clear, concise, and effective communication.


    Bring your remote teams together for a unique, gamified, and collaborative online experience that delivers the perfect punch of essential communication skills development, constructive collaboration and camaraderie, and the opportunity to set your company apart from the competition.

    More Information » www.mandel.com/workshops/online-communication-trai...

    The Breakthrough Communicator Online™
  • Virtual Public Workshops

    During this time of physical distancing, business continuity is mission critical.

    People are still making extremely important decisions based on data that others gather and report. It’s harder than ever to persuade, convince or influence a decision when all involved are working remotely.

    THE EXTRAORDINARY PRESENTER™ ESSENTIALS — VIRTUAL public workshop addresses these challenges head-on by equipping participants with three essential messaging skills: 

    THINK deeply about the audience
    CRAFT a message that matters
    ENGAGE with executive presence.

    More Information » www.mandel.com/workshops/virtual-open-enrollments

    Virtual Public Workshops
  • Train the Trainer

    Master the Delivery of Mandel Training Programs

    Imagine the impact you could have when you combine the organizational know-how your trainers already have with Mandel’s content and tools? With our Train-the-Trainer Certification program you can train in-house staff to deliver Mandel training programs with maximum impact. 


    Credibly use Mandel’s communication tools and techniques
    Drive uick adoption of communication tools across the organization
    Scale training while managing delivery costs

    Certification Process:

    Attend a Mandel workshop to get familiar with Mandel content.
    Prepare for the Train-the-trainer workshop using virtual tools.
    Participate in a live, face-to-face Train-the-trainer workshop.
    Prepare for Co-training and Master-trainer observation.
    Co-train two workshops.

    More Information » www.mandel.com/training/train-the-trainer-certific...

    Train the Trainer
  • Speaker Training (Virtual and In-Person)

    Deliver Wildly Engaging Keynotes & Breakouts

    Events are a big investment that you want to pay off—and speakers make or break your event's success. Why risk putting uninspiring speakers in front of your audience? Prepare event speakers to think through, organize, and present information and data in uncommonly effective ways.

    Event Speaker Training Approach

    Event speakers work with a seasoned Mandel coach to improve both what they say (the content) and how they say it (the delivery).
    They'll gain critical skills and messaging tools to help them clearly, credibly, and compellingly interact with audiences of all sizes.

    Events We Prepare Speakers For

    User/Customer Conferences
    Annual or Quarterly Sales Conferences
    Marketing Road Shows
    Press Conferences
    Shareholder Meetings

    More Information » www.mandel.com/training/speaker-training-keynote-p...

    Speaker Training (Virtual and In-Person)
  • Executive Coaching (Virtual and In-Person)

    The events of last year radically changed the fundamental skills now required by executives. When leaders aren’t prepared to express themselves clearly, credibly, and compellingly with a listen-first approach, the organization suffers. Employee engagement declines. Decision-making stalls. Investor confidence shatters.


    Communication needs to be effective, efficient and clear. Mandel’s executive coaching is tailored to equip leaders with the specific skills they need to effectively address their communication challenges.


    Enhance connection with employees
    Create a sense of culture that inspires
    Build sense of inclusion and belonging
    Appeal to different listening preferences
    Refine executive presence of leaders

    More Information » www.mandel.com/training/executive-coaching

    Executive Coaching (Virtual and In-Perso...
  • Master The Virtual Meeting™

    With the surge of remote work, employers are finding a massive lack of experience with virtual meeting technology and a large training deficiency.


    Master the Virtual Meeting™ addresses these challenges head-on by equipping participants with virtual meeting skills to help them plan a meeting that matters to invitees, engage with impactful presence, motivate participants to contribute, and enrich the overall virtual experience.

    More Information » www.mandel.com/workshops/virtual-workshops

    Master The Virtual Meeting™
  • Influence With Stories™

    So many communications fall flat because they are missing a critical element, STORIES. Without stories, presentations and conversations are much less believable, relatable and less memorable. Three crucial ingredients for success.


    Mandel’s INFLUENCE WITH STORIES™ - VIRTUAL workshop addresses these challenges by equipping your organization with vital storytelling skills:


    UNDERSTAND why stories matter
    IDENTIFY a critical message missing its story
    DECIDE what story to tell and when
    CRAFT a relevant and memorable story
    PRACTICE telling their story

    More Information » www.mandel.com/workshops/virtual-workshops

    Influence With Stories™
  • The Listening Edge™

    The Listening Edge™ addresses the critical challenge of poor listening head-on. Mandel’s clients learn to shift their listening and thinking processes to leverage the power of Listening Intelligence. Participants will be dramatically better listeners in just one day. They learn to recognize their own unique listening habits and gaps, and those of others. Participants then learn how to adapt their communications in the moment, to skillfully navigate the give and take of any presentation, conversation or meeting, to achieve productive understanding using Listening Intelligence.


    This training is neuroscience-based with immediate observable results. In collaboration with researchers and academics, the state-of-the-art design delivers scalable listening skill development and demonstrable, real-world results.

    More Information » www.mandel.com/workshops/listening-skills

    The Listening Edge™
  • Conversation Skills Essentials Workshop

    In the absence of critical conversation skills, people fail to reach agreement, ideas fall short, projects come to a halt, and deals don’t close – especially in today’s world of remote work.


    The Influential Conversation Essentials™ virtual workshop addresses these challenges by equipping participants with three essential conversation skills where they learn to assess audience pressure points, focus on desired outcomes, and listen to understand.

    More Information » www.mandel.com/workshops/virtual-workshops

    Conversation Skills Essentials Workshop
  • Virtual Communication Skills Workshops

    Effective communication remains at the top of every organization’s wish-list. Without it, silos are accentuated, meetings are less-than-effective, and organizations risk losing employee engagement and lifesaving revenue.

    Mandel’s long list of virtual workshops are laser-focused on high stakes communication skills development. Whether presenting proposals to potential clients, sharing quarterly reports with key stakeholders, or offering suggestions in a meeting, our workshops provide the essentials skills your employees need to thrive and make every communication count.

    Learn more about how our virtual, online semi-synchronous, and blended learning solutions can work for your organization.

    More Information » www.mandel.com/workshops/virtual-workshops

    Virtual Communication Skills Workshops
  • Mobile AI Driven Coaching App

    A Communication Coach In Every Pocket

    Orai is a personal communications coach and reinforcement tool you can put in the palm of every employee's hand. Orai combines the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) with Mandel's world-class content and expertise to allow anyone anywhere to evaluate their speaking skills anytime, get immediate feedback on how to improve those skills, and measure improvement over time.

    Key Features:

    Guided lessons
    Bite-sized practice exercises
    Instant feedback using artificial intelligence
    Progress tracking and measurable results
    Filler words you can customize
    Freestyle practice or structured scripts
    Integration with all Mandel Training

    More Information » www.mandel.com/training/communication-coaching-per...

    Mobile AI Driven Coaching App
  • Presenting to Executives

    Executives expect presentations made to them to be crisp, clear, and credible – centered precisely on their needs. Key stakeholders to whom they present provide their input on what they expect to see in presentations (and what they never want to see again).


    In Mandel’s Present Your Ideas at the Executive Level™ workshop, participants develop executive presence during this virtual workshop to earn their leaderships’ confidence in their competence.

    Presenting to Executives
  • Digital Sales Enablement

    Global sales organizations are driven to provide their sales teams with the right combination of knowledge and skills to succeed in a highly competitive landscape.


    The highest priorities that have emerged across our client engagements are:

    • Ramping-up new salespeople
    • Introducing new strategic sales plays
    • Implementing new product launches


    THE BREAKTHROUGH COMMUNICATOR™ digital solution solves your sales enablement challenges by quickly and effectively equipping your sales teams across all functions with the perfect combination of sales strategy, product training and essential skills development. Our tested, proven online solution works equally well for any size business, from lean startups to global enterprises with thousands of salespeople.

    Digital Sales Enablement
  • Messaging Essentials

    Soft skills are now essential to organizational success, with effective communication at the center of it all. Organizations are living in a new world of business with an increasingly competitive market, bringing many new challenges.
    If organizations are unable to communicate their understanding of client needs, the value they bring, or how they can deliver on promises, they will lose business to companies who can.


    THE EXTRAORDINARY PRESENTER® ESSENTIALS — VIRTUAL workshop addresses these challenges head-on by equipping participants with three essential messaging skills to make every communication count:


    THINK deeply about the audience
    CRAFT a message that matters
    ENGAGE with executive presence

    Messaging Essentials

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