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  • Consulting - Vision2Action Framework

    MindMapUSA provides consulting services to bring visual thinking, creativity and innovation cycles and agile project management to company and team initiatives.  The Vision2Action Framework provides a well proven and considered pathway to guide organizations and teams from visualization and ideation through to actionable projects and tasks. 

    Providing visibility of the outcomes to all participants and stakeholders it provides a structure that can be delpoyed again and again within organizations

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    Consulting - Vision2Action Framework
  • Consulting - Agile Client Engagement

    By applying the principles of the Vision2Action Framework, Mind MapUSA helps organizations with complex client management relationships bring structure,focus and a consistent methodology to bear. 

    Agile Client EngagementTM is focused on securing and growing the Life Time Revenue (LTV) of your largest and most vital clients. Expanding your companies footprint in those clients and securing partnering and promoting behaviours takes your Cient relationships forward to expanded and accelerated business growth.

    Utilizing the 4 quadrant Client Engagement MatrixTM, your teams will learn the recipe to Client delight.  Theyll be equipped with a proven set of tools and methodologies to rapidly and repeatedly engage in agile improvement cycles with the client and the many parts of your organization that touch the client.

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    Consulting  - Agile Client Engagement
  • FOUNDATION: - Mind Map Practitioner Certification

    This is the foundational training course on Mind Maps as a universal technique for thinking, analyzing, studying, reflecting and boosting all your cognitive processes. It enhances your creativity by unlocking your own cognitive ‘Superpowers’ and inspires innovation.

    This course is foundational and a PRE-REQUISITE for all other course modules provided through MindMapUSA.

    While it is instructor lead, this is a practical course and there are individual and group activities to secure the learning and allow participants to practice their techniques.

    At the end of this course, participants will be certified to produce their own Mind Maps both hand drawn and computer generated and to apply them to their personal and professional life.

    Can be run standalone or combined in a multi-day training with other modules and workshops.

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    FOUNDATION: - Mind Map Practitioner Cert...
  • iMindMap Software Training


    IMINDMAP - M201 - Intro to iMindMap

    This one day workshop will accelerate your productivity in Mind Mapping by leveraging the only software product that is expressly designed to incorporate the ‘Buzan’ style of mind mapping principles.

    iMindMap Ultimate provides a professional software platform to support visual thinking, enhance personal productivity and enable the ability to publish and share Mind Maps and export and integrate them within other popular corporate productivity software.

    The course will focus on using iMindMap to create and share computerized Mind Maps.

    Duration: 1 day – 9:30am to 4:30pm

    Who is this for: Anyone who wants to work with and generate computerized Mind Maps

    What you’ll achieve: A thorough understanding of how to use iMindMap to rapidly create mind...
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    iMindMap Software Training
  • Mind Mapping Applied to...

    We provide specific "Applied" workshop courses for the following industries:

    Mind Maps are a universally applicable methodology for visual thinking, but people often struggle to immediately see the how to use them in their personal work activities.

    The Applied Mind Mapping workshop courses reinforce: core understanding of how memory and learning works; how to overcome distraction and procrastination; and lead the participants into practical applications in their professional domain.

    A one day workshop style course will prepare you to apply the Mind Map skills acquired in M101 Mind Map Practitioner Certification to your pro...
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    Mind Mapping Applied to...
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