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Solutions for Organizational Effectiveness, Talent Management, and Learning and Development for the 21st Century


  • Leader-Led Leadership Development

    The adage is true: Leaders are made…and made best by other leaders. When leaders develop leaders interesting things happen. Potential is unlocked. Credibility is built. Alignment is created. The entire organization evolves and thrives.

    Our unique Leader-led Leadership Development© programs use a case-method/best practices leadership development methodology that puts vital issues at the center of the learning process. Quest develops custom cases that reflect your organization’s real leadership challenges. While senior leaders facilitate in-depth discussion of these issues, future leaders are learning solutions and best-practices within the context of actual challenges.

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  • Organizational Development

    How is your organization functioning as a whole? What are the elements shaping your culture? Are your organizational systems and structures facilitating growth and innovation or inhibiting them? What will it take for your organization to be successful well into the twenty-first century?

    Assessing your organization’s potential for change means gathering information and discussing it with the members of your organization who know it best. It’s a process that clarifies vision, opens communication, resolves potential problems, and reveals exciting, unexplored alternative solutions. As a vision of new possibilities unfolds, Quest works with you to develop your organizational culture and implement processes that lead to enhanced effectiveness and profitability. Get ready for an enlightening journey.

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  • Leadership & Management Development

    Organizations today operate in highly competitive environments, in which rapid change is the new normal. Those changes bring with them new challenges for existing and evolving leaders at all levels.

    Quest helps your leaders  prepare to meet those challenges with a progressive and strategically-focused leadership development  curriculum. Our Curriculum encompasses nearly 50 programs, each centered on  building the skills leaders need to assume more responsibility. In the end, it’s all about helping your organization evolve and grow.

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  • Manufacturing Skills and Lean Manufacturing

    Business operations today are not relegated to top-down management dictates. Taking advantage of expertise on the front lines and engaging your people in proactive problem solving and improvement strategies helps maintain high performance and keeps operations lean.

    With expertise in lean manufacturing, 5S, 8D, Six Sigma, Lean, and Kaizen, Quest offers a variety of customizable programs that can enable workers at all levels to set, track, and evaluate production, throughput, and quality and eliminate waste. The result is an empowered workforce with the skills and knowledge to have a positive impact on performance, safety, and productivity.

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  • Customer Service and Sales Training

    How your customers feel about their interactions with your company, can make or break your relationships with them—and their willingness to do business with you. In this era of online communications, poor service can lead to negative publicity on a global scale.

    Now for the good news: You and your people can systematically master and implement best practices for delighting customers, reducing service failures and responding quickly and effectively should they occur. Learn more about Quest’s customer service and sales programs.

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  • Assessments for Selection and Development of Talent

    As your organization moves forward, finding the right people may pose a challenge. How do you assess candidate skills for open positions? Do you know which of your leaders are the most effective? Who can become effective with additional learning and development? And how can you tap into your employees to find out what is and isn’t working on the front lines?

    At Quest we provide professional skills assessments for candidate selection, management proficiency, career planning, and employee training and development. Utilizing more than 30 years of research, our skills assessments are proven and EEOC compliant.

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  • Workforce Development

    You expect more from your workforce than ever before – and you should. It’s your frontline people who face your customers, define your image, determine whether you’ll keep your promises and meet your goals. If they’re going to meet your high expectations, they need the right tools, skills, and understanding. That’s what Quest delivers.

    We build productivity and quality by helping people master crucial hard and soft skills for success in your workplace: from basic math to taking ownership, 5S to Lean and process improvement.

    We strengthen teamwork by helping employees communicate more effectively with each other and with supervisors, recognize others’ behavioral styles, successfully handle difficult situations, and solve problems.

    We improve retention by helping you provide relevant growth and career development to valued employees even when you can’t offer promotions or raises.

    We prepare line workers for frontlin...
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  • Continuous Improvement - Lean, Six Sigma, 5S, Kaizen and more

    Nobody stands still: not markets, not customers, not companies. Continuous improvement is indispensable – and it doesn’t come naturally to most people. That’s where Quest makes a powerful difference. We motivate deep engagement, immediate action, and long-term change by showing people how to use CI techniques where they are, right now. Our trainers draw on decades of real-world experience in using CI tools and techniques, and we pack our programs with real examples drawn from your company.

    Quest CI training delivers real value – fast. Consider just one example: We built a custom training program that guided teams through identifying real process improvement opportunities, and making specific recommendations for change. The result: $12 million saved in the first year.

    Whatever your products or services, we’re your single best source for all continuous improvement training. Lean, from manufacturing to the back office. Six Sigma: every belt....
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  • Executive Coaching

    What executive leaders think and do, and how they interact with others, is critical to the success of your organization. They shape company culture, sharpen its focus, and inspire the entire organization to excel. And in today’s rapidly changing world, even the most talented executives can benefit from coaching that ensures they take advantage of their full potential. At Quest we tailor our one-on-one executive coaching to each individual, bringing expertise, sensitivity, and an innovative spark that ignites skills development and facilitates behavioral change. We support you and your leaders in reaching both short and long-term goals, and make sure your executives are prepared to meet the challenges of today—and tomorrow.

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