Closing skill gaps through personalized learning and iCompetency -- we make people GREAT at their jobs! (Powering The ATD Skill Tracker)


The power to make people great: SkillDirector inspires a culture of lifelong learning, helping you to upskill and reskill at the speed of business.


  • Competency Models: Inspire people to be perpetually great at their jobs
  • Competency Assessment & Development System: Activate people’s drive to mastery by making competency models actionable with The Self-Directed Learning Engine™
  • Competency-Based Learning: Connect skills to the personalized learning that most efficiently build them
  • Informal Learning: Provide modern learners with tools they want so they learn WHILE they work


Help people be great at their job 

When employees don’t know what it takes to be great at their job, they’ll never get there. Our role-based competency models inspire people to be perpetually great at their jobs by painting a picture of what great looks like. Learn more about competency models

Activate intrinsic motivation 

If people don’t have the skills to meet today’s requirements, and neither you nor they know it, how can you take action to upskill or reskill? Use the Self-Directed Learning Engine™ (SDLE) to drive self-awareness and intrinsic motivation by making competency models actionable. Let people own their development and create a development habit that ensures they build skills continuously. Use competency assessment analytics to drive upskilling/reskilling initiatives and strategy changes. Learn more about competency assessment and development.


Learn while you work 

The #1 challenge for L&D is getting employees to make time for development. When employees know what to do about skill gaps, but don’t like their options, you give them an excuse to do nothing. Provide modern learners with tools to learn WHILE they work. This converts excuses (no time) to action. Plus, skill practices are the only way to learn Skills of the Future. Learn more about informal learning, including how to create skill practices and download samples.


Drive personalized action

When employees know they have skill gaps but don’t know what to do about them, they do nothing or the wrong thing. Meet them where they are. When people are presented with personalized, competency-based learning to close their skill gaps or career development, it creates the best environment for reskilling and upskilling to occur. Learn more including how to create competency-based learning.


Create a culture of learning

 A surefire way to help employees learn new skills at the speed of changing needs and objectives

Research shows a culture of learning improves employee engagement levels, organizational performance, and employee retention. It’s promoted by ATD and is a part of Bersin’s Simply Irresistible Organization®. The Self-Directed Learning Engine helps you create a culture of learning by making development a habit… so ingrained that it simply becomes “a way of life”.

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  • Self-Directed Learning Engine™ (SDLE)

    To make your competency model actionable, your model must be accessible and assessable. That means getting it off the PowerPoint, out of the spreadsheets and into your employees’ hands. Quickly. Easily. Elegantly. It takes just hours to get the information into the Self-Directed Learning Engine.

    More Information » skilldirector.com/sdle

    Self-Directed Learning Engine™ (SDLE)



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