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Sounding Board, Inc

Sounding Board empowers forward-thinking companies to bridge leadership gaps at all levels. We ensure that both organizations and employees thrive in a global marketplace marked by disruption and continuous change.

The Sounding Board Leader Platform combines solution design, adaptive software, people-to-people development, and proprietary data and insights — all customizable to drive and scale people strategy. Whether your organization has a specific gap like a weak leadership bench, underrepresented women in the upper ranks, or broader leadership gaps that impact a company's ability to attract and engage talent, advance DE&I, and successfully complete mission-critical initiatives —our platform is the only offering that flexes with — and can ultimately inform — your strategic goals.

Sounding Board offers the modern, tech-led way to drive leadership development in a volatile world. We're dynamic, people-focused, and connected to the business outcomes you care about most. Join our people-first partners like Intel, EY, and Cloudera, as we chart a new path forward, reimagining how companies should invest in talent to bridge today's leadership gaps and shape the leaders of tomorrow. 


  • 1:1 Coaching

    Sounding Board’s executive-style 1:1 coaching and Leadership Skill Development is focused on key leadership capabilities that impact the bottom line; from building teams, making strategic decisions, managing remote teams, delegating….and more. We partner with each business leader to create a personalized development plan focused on their individual leadership challenges and goals in order to drive business impact.

    More Information » www.soundingboardinc.com/one-to-one-coaching

  • Group Coaching

    Sounding Board's Group Coaching allows you to accelerate your organization's agility, productivity and leadership capabilities. Designed to explore a specific set of leadership capabilities in a regular cadence with small groups of colleagues, it encourages and drives peer learning. With group coaching, leaders can collectively explore and learn from others, creating deeper connections and actionable, long-term development of critical leadership capabilities.

    More Information » www.soundingboardinc.com/group-coaching

  • Leader Development Platform

    Centralize coaching management, delivery, and measurement on one unified cloud-based platform.

    More Information » www.soundingboardinc.com/platform



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