Increase learner adoption. Enhance learner engagement. Ensure learner completion. Your answer to Learning Dropoffs.


  • Virtual Tech Labs

    Deploy and Deliver Immersive Learning Experience on the very Technology that is being Skilled Upon. When it comes to learning IT skills, nothing compares to hands-on training. Offer your learners a personalized, cloud-based lab environment that enables your learners to learn by doing.

    More Information » bit.ly/2M2148N

  • Digital Learning Content

    Choose from over 2600+ courses, meticulously curated to meet the niche demands of today’s ever-changing evolving IT ecosystem. Integrate our content library into your learning program to define immersive learning plans that prevent Learning Dropoff ™ .

    More Information » bit.ly/36mO4RQ

  • Assessment Engine

    Scale Up Your Technical Competence with our Integrated Assessments Frameworks that evaluate Workforces' Core Traits and Acquired Skills.

    More Information » bit.ly/3cjUdlx

  • Virtutor

    Explore an ever-growing catalogue of experienced mentors who perfectly fit your learning strategy and criterion.​ Upon incubation in the learning portal, a learner can find a Mentor relevant to their Learning Path/Skill-set/Technology who is available when scheduled or on-demand.

    More Information » bit.ly/3cfbOLH

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