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At ansrsource, we offer flexible solutions for training ranging
from plug and play off-the-shelf microlearning to fully
custom experiences developed to fit your needs.
Designed to drive transformational change,
our solutions are inclusive, relevant, and accessible.

We bring value to our clients in a variety of ways that center around choice and flexibility:
  1. Our off-the-shelf GEM experiences offer engaging micro courses covering a wide range of currently relevant topics designed to drive individual, team, and organizational transformation.
  2. We work as an extension of your Learning and Development/HR/Training team introducing efficiencies of scale where needed, as well as infusing improvements throughout the process.
  3. For clients looking to bring in globally inclusive, experience-based and data-driven strategic expertise to their organization’s learning and development approach, we work as thought partners co-creating the ideal plan and solution.
  4. We offer a reliable, modern and scalable training platform that offers the most flexibility in terms of creating a training environment that fits unique and evolving learning and development needs.

No matter what you may be looking for, we would love to start a conversation!
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  • Our Services

    ansrsource designs and develops digital, face-to-face, and blended courses. Depending on client need, we create complete courses or select course components. We are well versed in learning design, content authoring and curation, assessment writing, and the creation of learning assets—including interactive media, videos, games, and simulations. Our learning and development team can work independently or serve as an extension of a client’s team.

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    Our Services
  • ansrGEM Courses, An Introduction

    Our GEM (Granular Education Module) experiences are packed with innovative, targeted components that deconstruct tough issues in a way that promotes deep reflection and provides concrete action steps on how to create inclusion in the workplace. With our flexible, granular approach, your employees can deepen their understanding while preserving their autonomy, privacy, and dignity.

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    ansrGEM Courses, An Introduction
  • Inclusion Institute™ Courses

    Building a truly inclusive and diverse work culture is a journey—a journey that requires intention, strategic planning, and commitment. We have a dedicated team of global, highly experienced DEI experts working to ensure your success. Our team has structured a carefully planned, rich library of short, asynchronous, online courses that empower an inclusive mindset, growth, and transformation for individuals, teams, and organizations.

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    Inclusion Institute™ Courses
  • Critical Thinking Institute™ Courses

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    Critical Thinking Institute™ Courses
  • How to be Intelligent Series

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    How to be Intelligent Series
  • Check out our entire ansrGEM course library

    More Information » gemacademy.granulearn.com

    Check out our entire ansrGEM course libr...
  • Try the FREE ansrGEM Course for the month

    Explore a course from our library at your own pace to meet the need for Accelerating Transformation Through Learning™.

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    Try the FREE ansrGEM Course for the mont...
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