Leadership Assessment & Development


  • Leadership Development Subscriptions: Make Leadership Development a Way of Work

    Leaders need to constantly update their skills to stay competitive in a rapidly changing world. That's why DDI created a leadership development subscription to give you the ultimate options for flexible, ongoing development: All the tools to create custom learning journeys; curated experiences for maximum results; built on action-based competencies; and ready to grow with your company. With customized learning journeys, a dedicated strategic learning team devoted to your success, and course content that's available in multiple modalities. 

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  • Behavioral Interviewing System: Targeted Selection®

    Targeted Selection® (TS®)  is the most accurate, widely used behavioral interviewing system in the world. It provides a consistent, structured approach to behavioral interviewing, while offering great delivery flexibility, including many workshops, modalities, and certifications. Targeted Selection® trains recruiters and hiring managers to collect job-relevant data about candidates in a legally defensible way. Additionally, TS develops the skills required to evaluate and integrate the data gathered by teams of interviewers to arrive at the best decisions.

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  • 360-Degree Feedback: Leadership Mirror®

    Leadership Mirror® is the market’s most flexible, web-based multi-rater feedback system. It enables you to implement standard or customized 360-degree surveys on populations large or small, and obtain a clear picture of individual (or group) strengths and development needs—all with easy-to-interpret reports. With Leadership Mirror, you can better evaluate competencies critical to successful performance, increase the validity and objectivity of the collected performance feedback, and build individual buy-in and commitment to personal development. 

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  • Executive Services: C-Suite Assessments, Executive Coaching, and Succession Management

    You can build a strong team of executives, C-suite leaders, and board directors with DDI’s Executive Services. Based on our work with thousands of companies, we’ve identified key challenges facing most companies at the executive level, and can share stories about how we’ve helped our clients meet these challenges. With DDI’s tailored solutions, you can gain objective insight into the strengths and challenges of current and potential executive leaders, support leaders in finding success in their roles, and prepare a strong group of leaders to fill critical roles.


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  • Identify Leadership Potential with Early Identifier

    Identify leadership potential sooner at the individual contributor or frontline leader levels with DDI’s Early Identifier, an online assessment that predicts leadership growth in several areas based on a person’s foundational traits, motivations, and initial skills. Those predictions can be used for more targeted development and guide you towards better succession, promotion, development, and business strategy decisions. With Early Identifier, you can provide a common language when discussing potential, improve development discussions, and forecast the depth of your leadership bench.

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  • Leadership Simulation for Mid-Level Leaders: Leader3 Ready®

    Leader3 Ready® allows you to identify, select, and develop the right leaders and prepare them for the role they’re in today—and the role you’ll need them to step up to tomorrow. Leader3 Ready® is a realistic, virtual leadership simulation that mirrors the actual job role and provides the talent intelligence you need about your mid-level leaders to emerging executives. Plus, it launches participants on their own path to development with highly personalized data and expert development practices to take the critical next steps. While other leadership assessment tools tend to offer one-size fits all capabilities, Leader3 Ready is customizable to your organization's strategic business outcomes, your competencies, and the length of assessment desired.

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  • Leadership Simulation for Frontline Leaders: Manager Ready®

    With DDI’s Manager Ready® frontline management assessment, you can observe your would-be leaders in real-world situations to evaluate their preparedness and diagnose existing skill gaps before they advance to the front lines. Manager Ready also allows you to assess the strengths and development needs of your current frontline leaders, and leverages them into action plans that help you put your training dollars where they will have the greatest impact. Manager Ready evaluates 9 critical frontline leadership competencies and aligns to DDI’s leadership development solutions.

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