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Founded by Harvard and MIT as a nonprofit organization with the mission to create access and opportunities for high-quality learning, edX extends its offering to professional learners and organizations around the world. edX For Business delivers over 3,000 fully online, asynchronous courses developed by leading universities and global institutions. These courses cover the most in-demand subjects that professionals and businesses will need to be competitive now and in the future. With the pedagogical excellence found on the edX platform, based on neuroscientific research of the McGovern Brain Institute, expert curation support and customized learning solutions, employees gain and demonstrate mastery of skills and knowledge while positively impacting business outcomes, a benefit to organizations and for employees looking to support their career development and long-term employability.

edX is an innovator in online learning and has pioneered credential programs which are recognized in the academic community and by businesses as signals of deep learning and subject matter competency. edX MicroMasters® programs are endorsed by leading companies for their real-world relevance. Companies like GE, Tech Mahindra and the Boston Globe have guaranteed job interviews for program certificate holders. They also are pathways to Master’s degrees, representing 25-50% of a full degree at a fraction of the cost. edX MicroBachelors® programs are built for adult learners who are among the majority without a Bachelor’s Degree. MicroBachelors programs allow learners to gain new skills in support of their careers while also earning valuable credentials that can be stacked to earn a full Bachelor’s degree.

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  • Financial Services Skill Highlight: Computer Science October 13, 2021 10:52am

    The pandemic has only increased businesses' acceleration towards digital transformation and underscored the power of technology and computer science skills to help overcome economic disruption across industries, including financial services. Under the lens of the pandemic, opportunities sharpen focus specifically in areas that help reduce costs, enable remote work, and sustain operations, which a Deloitte report says will help businesses prepare for and endure whatever comes next.
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  • Financial Services Skill Highlight: Business October 13, 2021 10:52am

    Business skills have always been foundational to keeping organizations competitive. As businesses become more digital, learning content that helps employees in all types of roles keep pace with the latest in business technology and practices has become critical. On the other hand, as technology changes the way we work, core competencies in areas like communication and project management are even more important.
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  • Financial Services Skill Highlight: Data Science October 7, 2021 11:56am

    As one of the industries most affected by pandemic-induced disruptions and acceleration of digital transformation, it’s no surprise that data science is a top skills area that financial services companies are investing in.
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  • Modernizing Your Employee Learning Journey, From Kickoff to Culture September 23, 2021 1:54pm

    Technology has rapidly shifted what types of skills are critical to employee and company success—and the success of today’s learning and development (L&D) programs. Increasingly, L&D professionals are leveraging cross-functional skills, from data analysis to digital marketing, to build, launch, and manage their programs.
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  • Reaping the Benefits of Subscriptions: Q&A With edX’s Chief Commercial Officer October 26, 2020 11:11am

    Online learning has been a key lever for engaging employees and driving companies forward in a world upturned by economic disruption and a workforce adjusting to the challenges of productive remote work. To maximize the outcomes of E-learning investments, it’s essential to ensure initiatives are both aligned with business objectives and designed for a frictionless user experience. edX For Business’s new subscriptions offering was crafted to do just that, giving employees the flexibility to...
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  • Practical, Proven Steps Toward a True Organizational Culture of Learning October 13, 2020 12:43pm

    Despite the flood of eLearning initiatives in corporate learning and development, leaders still cite a failure to build a strong learning culture as a top organizational challenge. In this post, learn three ways to harness the unique potential of eLearning to create an organizational culture of learning and develop the dynamic new skills and capabilities that drive business results and workforces of the future. For a deeper dive, download our white paper, Three Key Steps Towards a Transformatio...
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