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Elearning Experts is a leading provider of learning and training solutions to education, business, corporate/enterprise, and local/state/federal government agencies. Founded in 2012, the team at Elearning Experts has over 150 years combined experience in the world’s most popular open source learning management system, Moodle™.

As a long-standing authorized US Moodle™ Partner and Totara Learn Platinum Solutions Partner, Elearning Experts provides analysis, troubleshooting, consultation, hosting, support, theme support, and custom content creation services to organizations using open source technologies across the world.

Elearning Experts is highly trusted in the industry, and over 90 percent of our clients operate with us under strict non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements. This means it isn't our plan to use your account or information to gain more clients without your consent.

Having provisioned and maintained literally thousands of Moodle™ sites over the years, our depth and breadth of experience with the core code and its evolutions is unparalleled. Additionally, our team has experience with the vast majority of common integrations, third party add-ons, plugins, and other learning tools which commonly support online learning portals.



    Leveraging the free and open source LMS - Moodle, your virtual classroom will reside on our optimized infrastructure where 365/24/7 monitoring and maintenance is handled by our expert network and infrastructure team. Software updates, fixes, and minor point upgrades are also handled entirely by our technical support team. 

    • Great value
    • Annual contracts, annual or quarterly billing
    • Your URL or our subdomain: https://[name].expertlearning.net
    • Plans from 50 to millions of users
    • Storage starts at 10GB for our very smallest plans
    • Non-production site, virtual training, theme cusomization, and course development also available

    Learn more about some of our popular plans here: https://www.elearningexperts.net/our-plans



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