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  • Values in Sync

    Values in Sync is a toolkit designed for trainers to help people explore the different interpretations they have of commonly held values and teach them how to align those perspectives across their organization. Each of the 24 values in this 72-card deck is examined through various lenses, including how the value can be over- or underdeveloped. Each value is paired with an engaging scenario to prompt group discussion and expand the associated concepts. The toolkit also includes an array of exercises to equip the trainer to be effective in a variety of settings.

  • Ethical Lens Inventory™

    Ethical Lens Inventory™ (ELI) is an ethical typology that helps people identify their preferred ethical perspective, or lens. The knowledge gained from using the ELI either in a team-building or coaching setting allows participants to better understand their own core value priorities as well as develop strategies for working and communicating more effectively with others to resolve conflict.

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  • The Ethical Self

    The Ethical Self is an accessible and helpful guide that will provide insight into each of the Four Ethical Lenses™, help people make sense of the variety of ethical theories that define appropriate behavior, and equip readers to become ever more effective and ethical persons-in-community.

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  • Everyday Ethics: Making Wise Choices in a Complex World

    Everyday Ethics: Making Wise Choices in a Complex World explores ethics from the perspective of a person-in-community who wants to learn to become a more effective ethical decision maker. By digesting the traditions and theories that form the paths of intention, empathy, and integration, the reader develops the skills to become a master in their business, professional, and personal life. 

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  • Ethics Exercises™

    Ethics Exercises™ introduce and reinforce general concepts related to compliance or behavioral norms, allowing participants to identify what decisions/behaviors will result in violations of professional codes of ethics or inappropriate actions. Designed to support ongoing professional development programs, these iterative, multiple-choice exercises require 100% mastery for completion and demonstrate the relationship among specific behaviors, ethical principles, and legal constraints. 

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  • Hot Topics Simulations™

    Hot Topics Simulations™ immerse learners in a professional role to practice decision making in the safety of a virtual environment. Students follow the Baird Decision Model™, an easily repeatable decision method that allows them to integrate ethical understanding and reasoning. Each simulation contains two separate dilemmas with different storylines and concludes with the student writing a succinct memo for each.

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