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Jigsaw Interactive

Jigsaw Interactive is a technology company that specializes in virtual training and learning through its intuitively advanced platform. Their technology optimizes the learning experience by providing multiple ways participants can engage during learning sessions.

Jigsaw’s multi-dimensional platform allows every individual to actively look at information in the way they learn and work. It offers many immersive and engaging opportunities so, as the facilitator manages the session, they can easily engage participants on either an individual or group level. With unique capabilities like customizable break out rooms, recordable role-play rooms and multi-screen sharing, Jigsaw is truly an immersive, dynamic, powerful, and best-in-class virtual learning environment.

Jigsaw provides the learning environment necessary to expand participant engagement.
Teaching professionals need a platform that allows lots of engagement and project work, where they can use all kinds of content and resources. It’s not about offering lecture-based programs, it’s about delivering information in a virtual environment that gives participants the chance to review information and engage in brainstorming to create potential solutions.

Through various types of assessments and Jigsaw’s engagement and performance analytics, Jigsaw provides an understanding of what happens during training. Measurement is a critical component for corporations to understand their training success. These analytics assist in identifying individual and group learning, engagement, and performance behaviors. They provide valuable information around the teaching and leadership styles of instructors, and the learning and work styles of participants.


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