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WorkPlace Big Five Profileā„¢: People-Centered, Outcome-Focused Solutions

Paradigm Personality Labs

Your people are the front lines of your organization and the keys to your success; they matter now more than ever. When you harness their strengths, motivations and personality traits, the puzzle pieces come together and your organization thrives. By leveraging personality research to better understand people, you can honor their complexity and individuality.

Paradigm’s mission, as an international assessment solutions provider, is to help you bring out the best in your people at each stage of the employee lifecycle and during periods of change. Our approach leverages, honors, and respects individuals and individual differences so that our client organizations both demonstrate commitment to their people and create the conditions for sustained engagement. We’re not about trying to fit round pegs into square holes; no one wins with this approach. Instead, our tools help individuals understand their unique contribution within their context - both strengths and challenges - so that they can align for success.

The trusted WorkPlace framework is based on science, grounded in rigor, and connected to the world of work. While we take great pride in this, we know that this is not enough. Assessments are not the destination; they are the starting point. The WorkPlace Big Five Profile report suite provides customized behavioral insights along with reflection-into-meaningful action tools to empower individuals to thrive and meet organizational goals.