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The Collaboration Partners is an experiential learning organization that partners with horses to connect people and ensure they harness their individual and collective potential. We believe that through facilitated collaboration we are able to help transform individuals and ensure organizations are aligned to common goals, perform better together, and are as powerful as humanly possible.

All of our experiential learning programs are built around a three-stage process that maximizes the potential of collaboration to help individuals and organizations realize their full potential. 

There is no riding involved and no horse experience is necessary.  Our certified and experienced facilitators are dedicated to creating an environment of psychological and physical safety for our clients.

The wisdom of horses and their honest response to us helps us to see our beliefs, perceptions and actions with a fresh pair of eyes. This insight helps generate the new levels of awareness and understanding that are necessary to implement the changes our teams and organizations need.

The Collaboration Partners is based in North Central Ohio but has a network of partners in the U.S and abroad that allows our team to work with clients almost anywhere they are located.

Some of the key benefits of facilitated equine-assisted learning include:

  • Each workshop is highly experiential and personal.
  • All of our programs are designed to allow every individual ample time during the session to pause, reflect and discuss what they are learning and identify what they will do differently as a result of that awareness.
  • Every session is truly inclusive, creating an environment where equity is the priority, diversity is celebrated, and collaboration is maximized. 
  • Horses provide pure and unfiltered feedback - they are entirely non-judgmental, and they help us become aware of our own perceptions of ourselves and others.

We believe that by finding new ways of leading and working, we can help people and organizations learn and grow.

Each of our programs are designed to maximize the value of every human in an organization to overcome barriers and achieve true potential.


  • Emerging Leaders

    Now more than ever, businesses are having to work extra hard to find new ways to attract and retain highly talented individuals. Millennials are progressing into senior leadership positions, while Gen Z are maturing beyond entry level positions. Each group is unique in their own way while also sharing the aspiration to become more confident leaders.

    This is where The Collaboration Partners and our Empowering Emerging Leaders learning program comes in. Throughout our interactive sessions participants will learn how to manage diverse personalities, resolve conflict among team members and set healthy boundaries to create a collaborative work environment where everyone thrives

    Key Learnings:

    • Self and Social Awareness
    • Communication and Leadership Styles
    • The Power to Influence Others
    • Noticing the Environment
    • Navigating Problems and Resolving Conflict

    More Information » thecollaborationpartners.com/emerging-leaders

    Emerging Leaders
  • Addressing Diversity

    Recent trends in today’s complex and interconnected world have accelerated the rate of polarization within society while creating a new and growing wave of inequality in all areas of our daily lives.
    Not surprisingly, our workplaces have started to mirror this dynamic. This makes it imperative for business leaders to create corporate cultures and working environments that promote diversity, equity, and inclusiveness, while aligning with the values of the people that make up the team.

    Diversity in the workplace today means more than issues of gender, race and ethnicity. It includes employees with diverse religious and political beliefs, socioeconomic and educational backgrounds, sexual orientation and disabilities. While this makes it increasingly complex to address, companies that do succeed in creating more diverse and inclusive workplaces have high employee satisfaction and they consistently perform better and produce better results.

    The Collaborati...
    More Information » thecollaborationpartners.com/addressing-diversity

    Addressing Diversity
  • Team Development

    Trying to build a unified team without interconnectedness is frustrating. You think you are communicating clearly and building rapport among the team, but the team isn’t performing at the level you know they can.

    Here are three steps to take to move your team from chaos to unity and ultimately become a performing team.

    1. Awareness: Team members need to be aware of their own beliefs, perceptions, and assumptions about themselves and their team members. They also need to be aware of how a disorienting situation impacts individuals as it relates to the way they respond. Some team members may have the resources to not be negatively impacted while other team members may feel a strong threat in a challenging situation.

    2. Noticing: When team members learn to notice what’s going on with themselves, their team, and in the broader environment, they can develop the ability to discern how to respond. Teams are often focus...
    More Information » thecollaborationpartners.com/team-development

    Team Development
  • Coaching and Consulting

    Whether you have one high potential team member who needs coaching or your organization is seeking new ways to collaborate, having a coach and facilitator from The Collaboration Partners can make the process more rewarding and productive.

    Our coaching and consulting services help leaders and team members understand their own strengths, the strengths of their colleagues, and how they can work more collaboratively.

    Using facilitated interactive sessions we enable people to enter the arena environment to quickly connect with colleagues to uncover the beliefs, perceptions and assumptions that are preventing the team from moving forward.

    Each workshop and session is customized to meet the strategic needs of your organization, and can incorporate assessments into the experience so you can apply the learnings and start making progress quickly.  

    Coaching and Consulting Outcomes include:

    Coaching and Consulting


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