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The Jeff Havens Company

Over the past 15 years, Jeff Havens has applied his unparalleled approach to an increasingly wide range of the modern business world’s most pressing issues – and so The Jeff Havens Company was born, dedicated to the belief that nobody ever learns anything if they’re too bored to listen. We’ve been producing microlearning training content for 10 years, and our founder, Jeff Havens, has spoken to over 1,000 business audiences across the world on subjects as diverse as leadership, innovation, and the customer experience. In addition, we consult with a broad array of subject-matter experts – HR professionals, business ethicists, OSHA instructors, and even fitness experts – to continually develop well-researched content in the areas of business skills, compliance, safety, and wellness. Our mission is to provide serious solutions in a seriously funny way, and our unique ability to provide meaningful education in an entertaining way has found favor with thousands of companies across the globe.



  • Jeff Havens
    Jeff Havens

    The Jeff Havens Company
    Denver, Colorado

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    Adam Havens

    The Jeff Havens Company
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