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For almost 40 years, AllenComm has partnered with Fortune 100 companies to transform their organizations through impactful learning experiences. With expertise in training consulting, instructional design, training technology, and agency-level creative teams, AllenComm supports clients through training design, development, and deployment. 

Considered one of the top ten firms of its kind in the country, AllenComm wins over 40 awards year after year for impactful training programs in: 


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  • Onboarding overhaul: 5 tips to transform your training

    Typical training methods only scratch the surface of effective onboarding.

    Discover how to deliver training and support tools for real business impact.

    In this session you'll learn to:

    • Tighten up your content
    • Leverage learner energy to jump-start the experience
    • Capture your learners' emotions
    • Use only what drives behavior change
    • Deliver an ongoing, dynamic learning environment beyond onboarding

    More Information » resources.allencomm.com/onboarding-overhaul-5-tips...

    Onboarding overhaul: 5 tips to transform...
  • Moving your Learning into the Workflow

    New performance support tech might be the hottest thing on the market but the surprising truth is that your people and content are the most important assets for delivering learning at the point of need.

    If you’re looking for practical tips on how to support your learners in their day-to-day, then don’t miss our next webinar.

    In this webinar you'll:

    • Learn how to deliver content at the point of need with any level of technology
    • Discover how to get the most out of your existing assets
    • Receive tips and tricks to identify and fill gaps in your learners’ journey

    More Information » resources.allencomm.com/get-smart-webinar

    Moving your Learning into the Workflow
  • The softer side of compliance training

    Have your organization’s compliance trainings ever been called “overwhelming,” “over-general,” “something to just get through,” or even “soulless”? If so, you’re sending the wrong message about your company and what it values and missing the opportunity to use compliance training as a strategic initiative. Use compliance as a catalyst to increase performance outcomes and employee loyalty by showing that your company’s values and employees’ values align.

    In this session, you will:

    • Analyze the unintended and potentially harmful messages sent by the common pitfalls of compliance programs.
    • Identify common ground between employee values and company values.
    • Implement design strategies that leverage employee values to create buy-in, engagement, motivation, and commitment amongst your learners

    More Information » resources.allencomm.com/softer-compliance-training...

    The softer side of compliance training
  • ILT TO Elearning

    If you haven't had to turn instructor-led training (ILT) into web-based training (WBT), chances are you will. Will you convert directly to web-based training, or redesign the learner experience entirely with the most relevant tech strategies? The process introduces other considerations regarding whether to design blended, microlearning, gamified, responsive, adaptive, or parallel solutions.

    In this webinar, you'll learn how to:

    • Apply innovative design thinking to integrate training into larger organizational initiatives
    • Distill the ILT content for the WBT content that will deliberately exceed learner and business expectations
    • Discover tech tools and learner experiences that will preserve the best of ILT simulations in web-based training

    More Information » resources.allencomm.com/ilt-to-elearning-webinar

    ILT TO Elearning
  • Bridging the brand training gap

    Many organizations invest time and money in brand training yet aren’t seeing employees embrace, apply, or properly represent the organization’s values and mission. If brand training isn't done right, then it can be a missed opportunity to instill branding guidelines and practices into employees’ everyday behaviors. You can close that gap by tapping into the power and sustainability of peer influence and positive social pressure by creating brand influencers.

    In this interactive session you’ll learn:

    • Step-by-step strategies to translate your brand into employees’ every day behaviors
    • How to create internal brand influencers
    • How to use social influence to carry your brand into every department

    More Information » resources.allencomm.com/bridging-the-brand-trainin...

    Bridging the brand training gap
  • Rapid Onboarding and Skill-Building in the Digital Age

    Onboarding, upskilling, reskilling; all are essential strategies for developing internal talent. And developing internal talent is imperative during times of rapid change. Chances are your employees’ responsibilities are quickly changing, and they’re now expected to perform novel tasks in ever-changing working conditions.

    Fortunately, this new working environment provides your L&D team an opportunity to showcase your value by tackling a unique performance challenge during a pivotal moment! Your creative design solutions can enhance your skill-building offerings to help employees shift into more dynamic roles. In this session, we’ll discuss the innovative methods and modalities to transform your current trainings to maximize employees’ capabilities.

    You’ll leave this session with the tools to:

    Establish a Connection:

    Incorporate messages of empathy as the new change management elixir
    Boost morale in rapid and dynamic e...
    More Information » resources.allencomm.com/rapid-onboarding-skill-bui...

    Rapid Onboarding and Skill-Building in t...

  • How to Scale a Sales Enablement Training Program in Your Organization

    Sales enablement is a strategic alignment of resources and actions to produce effective, efficient sales operations. When done right, a sales enablement training program empowers your salespeople to improve their performance and transform the sales experience at your company. A solution for creating a scalable sales enablement program in your organization requires three key ingredients, download this asset to learn more. More »

    How to Scale a Sales Enablement Training...
  • The Role of Marketing in Corporate Learning

    Many L&D departments are using marketing techniques to plan and promote their training initiatives. To explore this, we surveyed 248 companies about how L&D is viewed in their company, the roles of marketing and L&D, engagement, and branding in training. More »

    The Role of Marketing in Corporate Learn...
  • Flash to HTML5 Redesign: Conversion with a Purpose

    With most browsers now dropping Flash support, it’s time to make the jump from Flash-based training to HTML5. But converting your content is more than a technology change. It also creates an opportunity to add purpose and design to legacy courses. It’s important for your content to be accessible to modern learners across all desktop and mobile devices, whenever they need it. Read our ebook to understand how building design into the conversion process means you get training that has a new lease on life for a fraction of the cost of building new courses. In this ebook, you'll learn: - Why Flash is dying. - Why your company needs to... More »

    Flash to HTML5 Redesign: Conversion with...
  • Sales Enablement Must Haves

    Your sales team works hard every day to let people know your company has solutions to their problems. The salespeople at your company are the driving force of expansion and relationship building, and they are on a mission to spread the word about your products and services, increase the size of your customer base, and boost the visibility and reputation of your brand. So why is it that 82% of B2B decision makers think sales reps are unprepared? Download this eBook to learn how to: - Identify gaps in your sales enablement program - See considerations for what your sales enablement program is meant to do - See results that companies get that go... More »

    Sales Enablement Must Haves

Microlearning in Onboarding
January 8, 2020 1:55pm


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