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  • AMA: World-Class Training for Individuals and Organizations

    Choose from 140+ interactive progrms to build the knowledge, skills and behaviors to not just perform more effecitvely, but to think your way through problems you've never seen before--and to embrace the opportunities they bring. Be prepared to face the unexpected with confidence by putting new skills into action to deliver immediate results.  Train your way: open-enrollment or delivered privately to your organization. 

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    AMA: World-Class Training for Individual...
  • AMA OnDemand Training

    Support Skill Transfer with Self-Paced eLearning. OnDemand Training Library - Awareness, Reinforcement, Sustainment

    Optimized utilization - Curation of asynchronous content - Fully scalable to fit your needs - Implement as pre- and post-classroom training or just-in-time learning - Micro-learning lessons—range from 15 to 90 minutes - Knowledge retention assessment capabilities

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    AMA OnDemand Training
  • Total Access License™

    Content Licensing Partnership Agreement. The Content is Ours. The Agenda is Yours.  

    Access Proven, Plug-and-Play Content. A flexible, ready-made training solution offering both context and curation of content–and easy integration capabilities. Unlimited access to content–with unlimited amount of people - Tailor to your specificity, needs and objectives - Choice of modalities - Implement only what you need - Certify your trainers, or utilize ours

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    Total Access License™
  • AMA Certified Professional in Management™

    The New Standard for Management Excellence. You or your organization’s managers can now qualify to earn an unprecedented management certification, AMA CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL IN MANAGEMENT™. AMA has undertaken a thorough and collaborative process to develop this groundbreaking management program in order to respond to the growing demands of today’s business world. In establishing this certification, AMA helps organizations hire the most qualified managers through certification and gives individuals a set of recognized criteria to validate their qualifications and advance their careers.

    More Information » www.amanet.org/certified-professional-in-managemen...

    AMA Certified Professional in Management...
  • The AMA Women’s Leadership Center

    AMA Women’s Leadership Center (WLC) offers professional women around the globe a supportive community, impactful education and networking opportunities. These experiences are designed to empower women to build and practice new skills, learn from one another, and feel comfortable taking risks in a safe environment—so they can apply these capabilities with confidence every day on the job.

    More Information » www.amanet.org/about-wlc

    The AMA Women’s Leadership Center

Web Site: www.amanet.org 


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  • Manny Avramidis
    Manny Avramidis

    President and Chief Executive Officer
    American Management Association
    New York, New York

  • Barbara Zung
    Barbara Zung

    SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer
    American Management Association
    New York, New York

  • KC Blonski
    KC Blonski

    Senior Vice President
    American Management Association
    Tampa, Florida

  • Priya Kaul
    Priya Kaul

    Director, Learning Solutions
    American Management Association
    New York, New York

  • Jeff Becker
    Jeff Becker

    Director of Corporate Learning Solutions
    American Management Association
    Raleigh, North Carolina

  • Lauren McNally
    Lauren McNally

    Director of AMA’s Women’s Leadership Center
    American Management Association
    New York, New York

  • Samantha Goldman
    Samantha Goldman

    Senior Marketing Manager
    American Management Association
    New York, New York

  • Cindy LaMay
    Cindy LaMay

    Senior Account Manager
    American Management Association
    Saranac Lake, New York