Axiom Sales Kinetics, LLC

Axiom Sales Kinetics, LLC

Axiom Sales Kinetics, LLC

At Axiom Sales Kinetics we’ve spent thirty years helping great companies like AT&T, Verizon Wireless, CommScope, and Thryv to coach, learn, and sell more effectively. During this time, Axiom has effectively trained tens of thousands of salespeople and sales managers and helped clients achieve hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental revenue.

Our unique, mindful sales methodology enables sellers to become trusted advisors to everyone they meet, and includes models for everything your team needs to succeed, including:

  • Finding and developing new opportunities to fill their pipeline
  • Qualifying opportunities so they win more and waste less time
  • Presenting solutions in a more compelling manner
  • Handling objections in a collaborative way that results in more wins at higher margins
  • Manage complex opportunities to develop and execute winning strategies
  • Build and execute account plans to grow your business
  • Coach and develop exceptional sellers

We activate our methodology using a powerful alternative to traditional sales training. Unlike traditional sales training events, we embed our methodology into your sales cadence, delivering dramatically better sales results. To learn more about Selling the Axiom Way, our Kinetics Sales Effectiveness Platform, or our unique, guaranteed approach, please visit us at www.axiomsaleskinetics.com.


  • Sales Training

    Axiom offers a unique alternative to traditional sales training that is 4x more effective by embedding learning and coaching into your normal sales cadence.

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    Sales Training
  • Sales Methodology

    Selling the Axiom Way equips your salespeople to help every contact make more intelligent, informed buying decisions. The comprehensive set of communications models and tools enhance every interaction at every stage of the buyers’ journey, including:

    Introductory conversations that uncover new opportunities to disrupt the status quo
    Qualifying conversations, including:

    • Understanding the buyer’s business issues
      • Defining and shaping differentiating criteria
      • Identifying all evaluators, their roles and levels of influence
      • Understanding the decision process and timeline
    • Presenting recommendations in the most compelling way possible
    • Understanding buyers concerns and objections and collaboratively working to determine how they can be addressed effectively

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    Sales Methodology
  • Kinetics Sales Coaching and Learning Platform

    Imagine an athlete who only trained once per year for three to four days. Probably not someone who’s winning regularly. Yet, that’s exactly how many sales training programs are designed – a few days overwhelming people with information they’ll soon forget.

    In order to become more proficient with any new skill, people need to complete the full Learn, Practice, Apply, Evaluate cycle. A critical element in the cycle is sleep … people need to sleep before adding another new skill cycle. Unfortunately, most sales training programs actually introduce a dozen or more new skills in a single class. Cramming so much material into so little time may lead sellers to enjoy the class, but it won’t allow them to become proficient with what they've seen.  

    The Kinetics Sales Effectiveness Platform leverages neuroscience to help salespeople develop superior sales skills and deliver better results. Kinetics takes learning out of the classro...
    More Information » www.axiomsaleskinetics.com/kinetics-platform

    Kinetics Sales Coaching and Learning Pla...


  • Guide to Sales Coaching By: Bob Sanders, CEO, Axiom Sales Kinetics, LLC

    It’s been proven true across a variety of professions and for many decades, better coaches produce better results. Unfortunately, when it comes to the sales profession, there is often a tremendous gap between managers’ perception of their coaching effectiveness and the reality sellers are experiencing.Our GUIDE to Sales Coaching can help you lay the foundation for an effective coaching program that will transform your managers into exceptional coaches. In this whitepaper you will learn: Why effective coaching is essential to sales excellence The difference between management and coaching How coaching differs from feedback A five-... More »

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  • The Truth About Sales Performance Metrics By: Bob Sanders, CEO, Axiom Sales Kinetics, LLC and Charles (Wayne) Keene, University of Iowa

    As highlighted in three recent research journal articles, the unfortunate truth about sales performance metrics is that sales organizations typically focus most of their energy on the wrong metrics and generally use the metrics they are tracking in the wrong way. This results in a variety of associated dysfunctional selling behaviors that lead to missed objectives, decreased margins, and customer and sales team churn. In this paper we will examine the underlying challenges associated with many of the commonly used metrics and provide a framework for defining and leveraging improved sales performance measures. Readers will also be provided a l... More »

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