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Influence v Compliance: The Difference Lies in How You Treat Others!

IVC: Pierce Leadership Solutions, LLC

IVC is dedicated to developing leaders of the future. As our name connotes, effective leadership is the art and science of influencing others, not just managing people and projects. Our mission is to facilitate leadership development across all industries—research shows that leadership principles traverse all professions and types of organizations.

• Wholistic approach to developing your emerging and experienced leaders, based on real-world experience, research, and     effective facilitation and development strategies
• Offers vetted and proven development courses for all industries’ leadership
• IVC can facilitate a customized leadership development program for any type of organization
• Partnered with an international consultancy that can facilitate organizational culture and leadership surveys for any size organization.
• Offers employee and leadership self-assessments for performance improvement

IVC provides leadership solutions in the form of hands-on, experiential classes (both in-person and online). We offer a variety of individual leadership assessments for awareness and improvement of leadership skills and dispositions. At the organizational level, we can facilitate mentorship programs; career succession; cultural surveys/assessments and paradigm shifts; and innovative, custom-built leadership development.


  • Building Emerging Leaders' Competencies Course

    This course is designed for both emerging and experienced leaders who want to develop and refine their leadership skills and dispositions. The course covers all three levels of leadership: organizational, group, and individual. It is paramount for leaders to be aware of organizational leadership’s macro tenets of culture, learning organizations, and systems thinking. These big picture leadership principles will provide participants a strong foundation from which to better focus on improving their individual skills, dispositions, and attributes. Participants will be given before the course a DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance) behavioral self-assessment that will be covered in class. These core behaviors are related to 26 additional behavioral attributes, both naturally and in work settings, to give participants a deep look into their communication styles. Participants’ individual skills will then be honed as they develop their capacity to better lead indi...
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  • Emotional Intelligence (EI) Course

    This course is designed for everyone from line level employees to emerging through top level C-suite leaders. Research shows that 80-90 percent of both top performing leaders and employees have high levels of EI. Participants will be given before the course a short, 10-minute EI self-assessment as well as other resources that will be covered in class. This assessment will help participants gain an understanding of their own levels of EI. The course is highly experiential with group and class discussions, role plays, and an opportunity to self-reflect throughout. These experiences will give participants a deep dive into what EI is and how to improve it on the road to high performance. 

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  • Effective Communication Course

    This course is designed for all employees, especially emerging and experienced leaders who want to be a more effective communicator. Research shows that not only what you say, but, more importantly, how you communicate (both verbally and in writing) has the most impact on relationships. This course will help participants explore how to communicate more effectively, both at work and personally, enhancing their relationships. As a result, employees and leaders will become more influential and impactful through their interactions involving individuals, groups, and organizations. This course is highly experiential with group and class discussions and includes role plays. These experiences will help participants better understand the importance of how they communicate and start their journey to becoming more effective communicators and leaders.

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  • Customized Leadership Development Programs

    IVC can collaborate with any organization, work unit, or group to assess and build a leadership development program to meet their needs. In addition, IVC can facilitate the creation of mentorship/career succession programs based on an organization’s needs. We can also facilitate leadership coaching, either in collaboration with a customized leadership program or individual coaching. 

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  • Leadership and Organizational Culture Assessments

    We offer a variety of assessments that can either be administered through a custom-built development program or can be given separately with Dr. Pierce’s consultation. The assessments offered are: IVC Behavioral Index, Emotional Intelligence (EI), 360 Leadership survey, Cultural and Leadership Surveys/Assessments. Additionally, we offer several other behavioral and leadership assessments. 

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