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N.E.W.S.® Coaching & Training

At N.E.W.S.® Navigation we are taking an active role in shaping the future.

Together, we help transform you, your leaders and your whole organization, by navigating with the NEWS Compass® comprehensive methodology.

Based on thirty-five years of experience in over forty countries, N.E.W.S.® provides 12 award-winning solutions with innovative mindsets, skills and tools to achieve the tailored results you want.

We assist people and companies, from startups to Fortune 500, to grow and thrive.  


  • Organizational Navigation

    Creating together the next phase of the organization’s direction, strategy and focus. Leading to strong buy-in and executional excellence.
    For senior leadership teams to navigate the whole organization, together.

    A high-impact yearly process, aimed to create alignment, commitment, engagement and renewed motivation.
    Based on the NEWS Compass®, with a globally proven track record of clear deliverables and outstanding human and business growth results.

    • Provide a structured process to solve internal and external challenges.
    • Encourage discussions, based on consensus & a high level of buy-in.
    • Improve communication, with one common language throughout the organization.
    • Drive organizational results and accountability.
    • Impact leadership team development as well as business results.

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    Organizational Navigation
  • Team Navigation

    Creating together the next phase of the team’s movement and development.
    For strategic team-building and for teams to align with the whole organization.

    A high-impact structured 16-hour process. It is aimed at creating team alignment, commitment, engagement and renewed
    motivation. Based on the NEWS Compass®, it creates a clear roadmap for your team, with the milestones to get there.

    • Provide a structured process to solve internal and external challenges.
    • Encourage discussions, based on consensus and "top-level buy-in".
    • Improve communication with one common language.
    • Drive team results and accountability.
    • Impact team development as well as business results.
    • Create unified high performing teams.

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    Team Navigation
  • Manager as Coach and Mentor

    Award-winning leadership development program to master the art of leading impactful conversations.
    To equip managers with key skills to motivate, develop and direct individuals to greater achievements.

    A 16-hour participative leadership training workshop on holding impactful conversations, immediately applicable in real
    work situations. It includes the NEWS Compass®, to identify and intervene where people need coaching and mentoring.

    • Learn 12 impactful leadershipconversations.
    • Re-engage and re-connect team members.
    • Lead people to achieve their full potential.
    • Drive employee growth and talent retention.
    • Help individuals overcome obstacles.
    • Develop high-performing teams.

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    Manager as Coach and Mentor
  • First Time Managers

    Equips new managers with the essential mindset, tools, and skills to be able to successfully manage their teams and shift into their leadership role.
    For first time managers in transition from being professional individual contributors to managing others.

    A highly practical 5-module management development training that responds to the real needs of the current market. It establishes the foundations necessary today for a successful career as a manager-leader. It allows new managers to grow while also supporting their team members' advancement.

    • Assist new managers in becoming effective in their new role.
    • Equip them with basic people management tools.
    • Train them to be able to empower and delegate.
    • Enhance their capacity to get  work done through others rather than alone.
    • Improve team performance and achieve outstanding results.

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    First Time Managers
  • Mission Possible

    Become productive in a disruptive reality, either at work or from home.
    For leaders in highly agitated work environments, working with millennials and gen-Z.

    A unique and interactive 9-hour training program where you learn the principles and practicalities of how to become highly productive. It creates a "can do" and proactive state of mind, as well as equipping leaders with skills and tools for today’s shifting realities.

    • Save hours daily and increase productivity.
    • Reduce burnout.
    • Focus on the critically impactful.
    • Learn to drive your day and not let it run you.
    • Restore a sense of control and focus.
    • Delegate, prosper and achieve work/life balance.

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    Mission Possible
  • NExTO Self-Navigation

    Learn to navigate yourself and your career through this life-changing self leadership workshop.
    For the development of key talents. To support people in transition in the creation of their next version. Or as a part of a leadership development pathway.

    NExTO Self-Navigation is a powerful and highly participative 16-hour self leadership program to develop and grow key talents inside your organization.
    Based on the NEWS Compass®, participants discover their “True North” inside the organization and they create the practical roadmap required to reach it.

    • Find your authentic “True North”.
    • Match your own greatness with the organizational needs.
    • Find your inner motivation and connect to it.
    • Learn how to overcome limitations and challenges on your way to success and fulfilment.
    • Acquire the tools for your own development within the organization.

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    NExTO Self-Navigation
  • Manager As a Team Navigator

    Developing leaders to be able to navigate teams through changes, with a high-level of alignment and engagement.
    For senior managers or group leaders, to be able to guide integrated participative teams.

    An innovative 16-hour intensive high-level workshop to develop participative leadership. Based on the NEWS Compass®, it equips experienced managers with core leadership capabilities to effectively navigate their teams together through changes and challenges, inspiring and engaging them.

    • Create engaged and aligned teams.
    • Learn to co-navigate in fast changing circumstances.
    • Develop a contemporary participative leadership style.
    • Develop an agile and accountable team.
    • Achieve optimal results together with your team.

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    Manager As a Team Navigator
  • N.E.W.S.® Executive Coaching

    Developing executives and managers to fulfill their potential and greatness inside the organization.
    Designed and tailor-made for leaders in organizations. To help them navigate themselves, their teams and the whole

    N.E.W.S.® Executive Coaching is the most structured yet adaptable coaching process globally. Based on the NEWS
    Compass ® and the 12-box matrix, it leads to a clear roadmap and proven results. The coach works with the coachee on
    personal, interpersonal & organizational aspects, according to the needs and organizational goals.

    • Define goals with a clear and adaptable guide for the coaching process.
    • Overcome blockages and move executives beyond their comfort zones.
    • Create clarity and alignment on multiple levels between the individual, their team and the organization.
    • Improve motivation, focus and performance.
    • Experience a real transformative process.

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    N.E.W.S.® Executive Coaching
  • Advanced Virtual Leadership

    This innovative solution provides leaders with the ability to manage and engage complex virtual teams that challenge the leadership style of yesterday.
    For team leaders of remote and hybrid teams. Specifically for working with knowledge-age workers and millennials.

    A highly practical 10-hour training, rich with advanced virtual leadership skills and based on the NEWS Compass®.
    Leaders will learn to co-navigate virtual teams, using exclusively designed leadership navigation tools.

    • Learn how to achieve team engagement and alignment remotely.
    • Craft and lead winning teams, from adistance.
    • Motivate with a participative “virtual buy-in” leadership style.
    • Encourage focus, contribution and agility in the modern workplace.
    • Achieve optimal results together with your team.

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    Advanced Virtual Leadership