Developing Managers to Be Great Leaders


We've experienced what it feels like to be out on your own island, unsure of how to manage peers after a promotion or how to ignite passion and productivity in the employees you lead.



1. Listen - Describe your key objectives and challenges.

2. Plan - Determine together the best path to meet your objectives.

3. Implement - Provide the learning program in a way that fits your needs.

4. Succeed - Apply specific techniques that create a more productive workforce.

5. Reinforce - Receive an abundance of tools that make your learning stick long-term.



Research conducted by an independent consulting firm targeted participants who completed NexaLearning's management training programs 12-18 months earlier. Here’s what they found:

80% - are still applying the skills learned over one year after completing the program



96% - Believe the program was worthy of the time invested.

92% - feel better equipped to manage and motivate others.

96% - Would recommend the program for other managers in their organization.


  • Foundations of Leadership - Philadelphia - September 24-25, 2019

    Provide Leadership Training that Makes a Long-Lasting Impact

    Whether you are a seasoned supervisor or a newly promoted manager, the Foundations of Leadership program is designed to develop the fundamental skills needed to lead teams and help team members achieve higher levels of passion and productivity.

    More Information » www.nexalearning.com/philadelphia

    Foundations of Leadership - Philadelphia...
  • Foundations of Leadership


    Providing Leadership Training that Makes a Long-Lasting Impact

    This proven program helps transform ordinary managers into extraordinary leaders. It develops the key fundamental skills every leader needs to generate passion and productivity on their team. Whether you are a seasoned supervisor or a newly promoted manager, the Foundations of Leadership program is designed to develop the fundamental skills needed to lead teams and help team members achieve higher levels of passion and productivity.

    More Information » www.nexalearning.com/foundations-of-leadership

    Foundations of Leadership
  • Leadership Excellence

    Transforming Ordinary Managers Into Extraordinary Leaders

    This course is designed for more experienced managers who are already adept at foundational leadership skills. It helps the leader focus on their future development needs with 360-degree feedback, and learn a proven process for helping their team also achieve their long-term development objectives.

    More Information » www.nexalearning.com/leadership-excellence-program

    Leadership Excellence
  • Customized Leadership Programs

    Would your organization like to provide a customized program, based on your specific needs and objectives? We can incorporate many of our proven topics into a customized course for you. Our proven process for ongoing reinforcement ensures that your course will have long-lasting effectiveness. You can view our Course Catalog of Topics to include in your customized course, or we can also craft topics from scratch for you.

    More Information » www.nexalearning.com/customized-leadership-trainin...

    Customized Leadership Programs
  • Foundations of Leadership - Virtual Program


    Self Taught Leadership Won't Always Cut It

    Are you an individual looking for your own leadership development? Our Leap to Leadership process is designed to help you learn the key skills you need to lead others. You will be guided through this course with the aid of your own Leadership Training Coach, who will review your assessment report results and help you craft your own individualized Leadership Development Plan.

    More Information » www.nexalearning.com/foundations-virtual-program

    Foundations of Leadership - Virtual Prog...
  • Facilitator Certification


    Ready to Start Training Your Team?

    Would you like your internal facilitators to deliver any of our programs? We can make this available to your organization.

    • Facilitator Certification is availale for all courses developed by NexaLearning
    • Everything DiSC Workplace Certification Course (Virtual)
    • Everything DiSC Workplace - In-Person Course

    More Information » www.nexalearning.com/facilitator-certification

    Facilitator Certification
  • Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team


    Your Team Can Do Better.


    This program is an assessment-based learning experience that is designed to make deep and lasting change for in-tact teams. It is ideally provided in increments over several months. It is grounded in the model described in "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team", the international best-selling book by Patrick Lencioni.

    More Information » www.nexalearning.com/five-behaviors-of-a-cohesive-...

    Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team
  • Creating Team Synergy


    Lay the Foundation for Effective Teamwork


    This program is designed to help a newly formed department understand what it needs to do to work more effectively as a team. The need for this program can occur when everyone on the team is new, or an established team has gained new team members.

    More Information » www.nexalearning.com/creating-team-synergy

    Creating Team Synergy
  • Working with Diverse Styles


    We each think, act and work in unique ways.


    A primary reason why teams struggle is due to diverse interpersonal styles and approaches to work. This program utilizes the DiSC® model for helping team members learn more about themselves and how to work most effectively with each member on the team.


    More Information » www.nexalearning.com/working-with-diverse-styles

    Working with Diverse Styles
  • Encouraging Innovation in Teams


    Successful team members don't do the same thing at the same time. They do the right thing at the right time.


    This program helps team members work from their strengths to identify their most natural team role: Creator, Advancer, Refiner, Executor or Flexor. While team members work together toward a common goal, individuals still
    must play their individual role in the process.

    More Information » www.nexalearning.com/encouraging-innovation-in-tea...

    Encouraging Innovation in Teams

  • Employee Retention and the Pursuit of Happiness By: Susan Cullen, President, NexaLearning

    Why focus on Retention and Happiness? What does employee retention have to do with such an intangible thing like happiness? The bottom line is that companies that actively seek to engage their employees and make them happier just make more money. Learn what you can do to make your employees happier. More »

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  • The 7 DEADLIEST Mistakes Training Managers Make When Providing a Leadership Program By: Susan Cullen, President, NexaLearning

    You want to hit a home run on your next leadership program. In order to do that, you’ve got to make sure the program is designed from start to finish to hit the mark for your participants and your organization. By first becoming aware of these 7 Deadly Mistakes, and making sure to craft your programs to avoid them, you can be certain your program will succeed. More »

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  • Productivity Tips By: Susan Cullen, President, NexaLearning

    Productivity Tips includes five articles to better manage your time: Focus on Your Most Important Activities for Better Time Management, 5 Deadly Traps Impacting Team Time, Assess Time Management Skills to Create Team Synergy, 8 Tips for Managing Interruptions at Work and 5 Steps for Overcoming Procrastination Now. More »

    Productivity Tips
  • How to Help Managers Develop Leadership Skills By: Susan Cullen, President, NexaLearning

    Because immediate managers and supervisors are essential to profitability, productivity, employee retention, and customer loyalty, it is important to focus on developing their leadership skills. Encouraging and training toward engagement, coaching, and innovation will result in overall improvements in morale and efficiency. More »

    How to Help Managers Develop Leadership...
  • 5 Strategies to Create an Innovative Culture By: Susan Cullen, President, NexaLearning

    The ability to actively promote and sustain a culture of innovation has become a matter of critical performance to most organizations today. This paper is for you if you want to help develop a more innovative culture in your organization, if you are looking for strategies to help your leaders build a more engaged workforce or you are looking for proven, cost-effective solutions that work. More »

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  • Tips for Innovative Leadership By: Susan Cullen, President, NexaLearning

    To understand what innovative leadership is, we have to first understand what innovation is all about. Innovation is the introduction of something new: a new idea, method or product. Learn some ideas for creating an innovative culture in your organization. More »

    Tips for Innovative Leadership
  • Guide to Interpersonal Communication Skills at Work By: Susan Cullen, President, NexaLearning

    We are not all the same, we don’t all approach things the same way. When you learn about behavioral styles, the end result is you can better lead people and realize what motivates them, as unique individuals. More »

    Guide to Interpersonal Communication Ski...
  • Techniques for Retaining and Engaging Your Workforce By: Susan Cullen, President, NexaLearning

    If your organization is aware of the tremendous cost associated with turnover, and you realize you are losing some of your best people, it is important to assess the symptoms and address methods for enhancing employee retention. More »

    Techniques for Retaining and Engaging Yo...
  • Startling Statistics About How We use Our Time By: Susan Cullen, President, NexaLearning

    Think what a difference it would make to your organization to only cut the amount of interruptions in half! Think what a difference it could make in our national economy! It's never been more important to help employees, teams and organizations reduce interruptions and better manage their time. More »

    Startling Statistics About How We use Ou...
  • The Winning Edge: Hidden DISCoveries That Set You Apart By: Susan Cullen, President, NexaLearning

    When you adapt your style to others, it will help you build much better bridges to them. They will respect your approach (because, after all, it’s like theirs). They will trust you more. They will think more highly of you. In any competitive endeavor, this will give you a winning edge that others might not know about. After all, it's not just what you know. It's not just who you know. It's how others think and feel about you that makes all the difference. More »

    The Winning Edge: Hidden DISCoveries Tha...
  • GREAT LEADERS ARE MADE NOT BORN - The Benefits and Strategies for Implementing a Leadership Training Program By: Susan Cullen, President, NexaLearning

    Developing leadership is one of the top challenges faced by Human Resources and Learning and Development Professionals across all companies in all industries. It is a commonality that has become more pressing as work environments are diverse, complex, and demanding. More »

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    To effectively lead a project, you must have a plan in place for how you're going to complete it. One of the best ways to do this is by developing a strategic plan.
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