ROI Institute, Inc., founded in 1992 as a service-driven organization, assists professionals in improving programs and processes using the ROI Methodology® developed by Dr. Jack J. Phillips and Dr. Patti P. Phillips. This Methodology is the global leader in measurement and evaluation including the use of return on investment (ROI) in non-traditional applications. ROI Institute regularly offers workshops, provides consulting services, publishes books and case studies, and conducts research on the use of measurement and ROI. This makes ROI Institute the leading source of content, tools, and services in measurement, evaluation, and analytics. Working with more than 100 ROI consultants and 45 partners, ROI Institute applies the ROI Methodology in 20 professional fields in more than 70 countries. ROI Institute authors have written or edited over 100 books, translated into 38 languages. Organizations build internal capability with the help of ROI Institute and its ROI Certification process. By successfully completing this process, individuals are awarded the Certified ROI Professional® (CRP) designation, which is respected by executives in organizations worldwide.


  • ROI Certification

    ROI Certification® is the most comprehensive way to gain the skills, resources, and knowledge to measure the value of projects and programs of all types–down to the financial return on investment (ROI). The program includes a comprehensive learning program surrounding the ROI Methodology®, a systematic approach to program evaluation that is proven to deliver accurate and credible results. After the course, you will receive virtual support as you conduct an evaluation study in your own organization. Upon demonstrating competency in applying the ROI Methodology, you will join an elite group of professionals with the designation of Certified ROI Professional® (CRP) and earn your CRP Badge.

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  • ROI Boot Camp

    ROI Boot Camp introduces the concept of ROI, the fastest growing metric for evaluating all types of programs, projects, and initiatives. During this interactive session, participants are exposed to the 12 steps in the ROI Methodology, including how to develop objectives, collect data, isolate the effects of the program, convert data to monetary values, tabulate appropriate program costs, and calculate ROI. Participants will quickly see the advantage of using ROI as six types of data are collected and analyzed.

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  • ROI Institute Consulting Services

    ROI Institute’s consulting services provide assistance with assessment, measurement, analytics, and evaluation to individuals and organizations. Our core offering is conducting impact and ROI studies on various projects and programs. ROI Institute provides an independent assessment of a project, measuring reaction, learning, application, impact, ROI, and intangibles. Program effects on improved measures are isolated, and barriers and enablers are identified to reflect how the project can be more successful.

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  • Center for Talent Measurement and Reporting Membership

    The Center for Talent Reporting (now Center for Talent Measurement and Reporting) was founded in October 2012 with the vision that Talent Development Reporting principles would become broadly accepted and widely employed as the world-class reporting standard for all human capital processes. Members have access to a measures library with over 700 measures and more than 60 sample statements and Excel reports. 

    Take your evaluation and measurement skills to the next level with CTMR Membership. This annual membership will grant you access to:

    • Measures Library: Containing over 700 outcome, effectiveness, and efficiency measures for the six human capital processes, this online and downloadable document provides the definition, formula, reference for each measure, and is updated each year.
    • Case Studies (New for 2024): 25 Detailed ROI Case Studies representing a variety of industries and topics.
    • Sample Statements & Reports: Covering Learning &a...
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  • Measurement Demystified Workshop

    Learn how to put measurement and reporting theory into practice in the live virtual Measurement Demystified workshop. We will cover important topics included in the book Measurement Demystified: Creating Your Own L&D Measurement, Analytics and Reporting Strategy. We will also use exercises from the Measurement Demystified Field Guide

    More Information » roiinstitute.net/the-measurement-demystified-works...

  • ISO Standard for L&D Metrics Workshop

    Dave Vance, who led the team that wrote the ISO Standards 30437 Learning and Development Metrics, will facilitate this workshop four-hour workshop. He will start with a description of the two-year process to create the standard and a short discussion of how ISO standards are used. Then the focus will turn to a discussion of user groups and reasons to measure followed by an in-depth examination of the recommended metrics and their calculation. Last, attention will turn to the recommended reports based on the user and reason to measure. Participants will have an opportunity to identify metrics appropriate for their own organization. 

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