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Research has shown that the #1 cause of business failure is bad strategy and only 23% of managers are strong at strategic thinking. The Strategic Thinking Insittute is the worldwide leader in strategic thinking capability development with a full spectrum of resources to serve new managers all the way up to experienced senior leaders. Founder and President Rich Horwath is a New York Times & Wall Street Journal bestselling author on strategy and has helped more than 100,000 managers around the world develop their strategic thinking skills. He also facilitates strategy workshops and leadership sessions on strategy to take the foundational principles of strategy and make them practical for your real-world work.

Resources developed by the Strategic Thinking Institute are based on the bestselling book, Deep Dive: The Proven Method for Building Strategy which has been described by James Floyd, VP of US Strategy for McDonalds as "the most valuable book ever written on strategic thinking," and Elevate: The Three Disciplines of Advanced Strategic Thinking, which Dale Hicks of Intel said, "If you only read one book on strategy, this has to be that book!" Based on these bestselling strategy books, full-scale blended learning programs have been developed including workshops, workbooks, strategic thinking assessments, strategy surveys, video-based learning management systems, and one- or two-year continuous development programs with more than 100 learning touch points. For additional information, visit www.strategyskills.com or send an email to Rich@StrategySkills.com


  • Strategic Thinking Development

    Does your team exhibit any of the following issues:

    1. "We're reactive, tactical and constantly fighting fires"

    2. "We don't have the time or tools to think strategically"

    3. "We don't have a consistent understanding of strategy"

    If so, then visit http://www.strategyskills.com/services/strategic-thinking/ to find your solution.

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    Strategic Thinking Development
  • Strategic Planning & Strategy Facilitation

    Does your team face any of the following challenges:

    1. "We don't have a simple and practical process for developing strategy."

    2. "Our strategic plan is nothing more than a to-do list with a bunch of tactics."

    3. "We don't have competitive advantage and risk becoming a commodity."

    If so, then visit http://www.strategyskills.com/services/strategy-facilitation/

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    Strategic Planning & Strategy Facilitati...
  • Executive Coaching & Strategic Coaching

    The majority of senior leaders receive little to no professional development each year. Yet, it is their skills, behaviors and decisions that will ultimately make or break the company. How many of the following challenges do you face?

    “The business is reaching a critical inflection point and I’m worried that I may be missing things in my strategies.”
    “Because I spend so much time running the business and managing my direct reports, I’ve had no time for my own development”
    “It’s extremely difficult to get objective feedback on my ideas because very few people internally will risk disagreeing with me.”
    “I’m inconsistent in finding the discipline to block out time in my schedule to think, discuss and develop fresh new ideas for the business.”

    If you have executives that need high-caliber executive coaching and development, visit
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    Executive Coaching & Strategic Coaching
  • Strategy Keynote Speech

    A study of more than 10,000 senior executives showed that the #1 most important leadership behavior critical to company success is strategic thinking. But, only 3 out of every 10 managers are strategic. And since bad strategy is the main cause of business failure 80% of the time, having managers that are effective strategists can be the difference between continued success and failure. Preview New York Times bestselling author on strategy Rich Horwath's keynote speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMI4IsJ2Nko

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    Strategy Keynote Speech



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