Busting Myths, Facing Facts About HTML5

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT  
Host: Association for Talent Development
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HTML5? You’ve heard of it. It’s the most widely-accepted standard for delivering high-quality, media-rich content on multiple devices. And yet there are ambiguities and misconceptions about what HTML5 can really do for your bottom line. Dig a little deeper and you hit issues concerning cost and complexity. What are the answers?

It is our pleasure to invite you to join us for a virtual discussion with Kapil Bhasin, senior vice president of Indecomm Learning, who will take you past the myths and jargon to see HTML5’s value in creating cost-effective device agnostic content.

You will learn:

  • what HTML5 is and its importance to content portability
  • the key benefits of having learning content in the HTML5 format
  • the process of developing and converting content
  • the metrics and standards to determine efforts for conversion and development
  • the common pitfalls to watch for during the development /conversion process.

In this webcast, you’ll be exposed to illustrative case studies, examples, and best practices from organizations and publishers who have successfully migrated and developed learning content using HTML5. Join us for a spirited discussion.


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Kapil Bhasin is senior vice president of learning for Indecomm Global Services. His nearly two decades of experience in corporate consulting, change management, and training enables him to quickly pinpoint strategies that improve efficiencies and enhance profitability. He can be reached at kapil.bhasin@indecomm.net.


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