Increasing Knowledge Worker Productivity: A New Opportunity for L&D Professionals

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 2:00pm - 3:00pm EST  
Host: Association for Talent Development
By: David Lee, Founder, HumanNature@Work and James Pepitone, Managing Partner, Designed Work

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Our shift to a knowledge economy gives learning and development professionals a powerful opportunity to increase the value they provide their employer. Management is being pressured to deliver ever-increasing results, and L&D professionals are now in a unique position to help them increase the productivity of their knowledge workers.


Research has revealed the effectiveness of new methods for improving knowledge worker productivity. Because knowledge work differs in fundamental ways from traditional manual work, improving knowledge worker performance requires different methods. Yet, many of the learning and development, management, and job design practices still in use are based on the needs of traditional manual work, and not on the requirements of knowledge work.

This webcast will help L&D professionals create solutions for knowledge worker engagement and productivity, while also demonstrating enhanced credibility and potential into the learning function. David Lee of HumanNature@Work and Jim Pepitone of DesignedWork will explain how this knowledge-worker opportunity emerged, what it entails, and how L&D professionals can seize it. 

Upon completion, you will:

  • identify opportunities to provide even greater value to your employer, and know how to discuss these with managers
  • indicate for yourself what makes knowledge work so different and what is required to increase the quality and quantity of knowledge workers’ output
  • describe the principal process and methods involved, and why they are effective
  • recognize the factors that indicate a manager’s readiness for this new opportunity. 


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David Lee
David Lee

Founder, HumanNature@Work

David Lee is the founder of HumanNature@Work. He works with management teams interested in improving employee engagement, customer service, and morale.

An internationally recognized thought leader in the field of employee engagement and performance, he is the author of nearly 100 articles and book chapters on topics related to employee performance, which have been published in trade journals and books in the United States, Europe, India, Australia, and China.

David has been using and teaching storytelling as a counseling, coaching, and teaching tool for more than 20 years and his work was featured in the clinical book Tales of Enchantment: Goal-Oriented Metaphors for Adults and Children in Therapy. He is also the author of the May 2012 Infoline, "Add Powerful Storytelling Techniques to Your Training."

James Pepitone
James Pepitone

Managing Partner, Designed Work

Dr. Jim Pepitone is a managing partner at DesignedWORK, consultants and advisors specializing in the design of knowledge work and productivity of knowledge workers. Jim's current work focuses on advising operations executives and managers on transitioning to more productive work design and management practices. He also volunteers as a contributing practitioner-scholar and trustee for the nonprofit Humaneering Institute.

Previously, Jim was the managing director of Pepitone Berkshire Piaget, an operations improvement consulting firm he co-founded to specialize in human performance within people-dependent operations. During this time Jim authored four books, including Future Training: A Roadmap for Restructuring the Training Function, and assisted many training and development functions have a greater impact on business performance.

Jim began his career with nine years in industry roles, first as a sales representative with Owens Corning, and later as a product manager and then VP of sales for Automation Industries. Jim has a BBA in operations management and MBA from The University of Texas at Austin, plus an MS in organization development and EdD in change management from Pepperdine University.