Demystify the Enterprise Learning Ecosystem

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 2:00pm - 3:00pm EST  
Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Nick Washburn, Director, Learning Division, Riptide Software, Inc.

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We live in a bring-your-own-device world today, with learners accessing content on the go in a variety of ways. Most learning departments are able only to track and report on content locked in a learning management system (LMS). However, new additions to the enterprise learning ecosystem, such as Experience API (xAPI), are allowing these departments to track and report on multiple forms of educational experience. The formative and summative evaluation data on training effectiveness that are so hard to get from LMSs can now be gathered from multiple sources and reported to the LMS and other systems. xAPI provides finite interaction data. By leveraging xAPI and a learning record store (LRS), organizations are proving you can provide information to multiple systems and can even synchronize data among HR systems, talent management, job performance systems, and more.

In this webcast you will learn:

  • how xAPI and LRSs can improve tracking and reporting of key metrics
  • real client cases of organizations maximizing their ecosystems and utilizing xAPI/LRSs
  • how to get started with implementing new training tech initiatives.


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Nick Washburn
Nick Washburn

Director, Learning Division, Riptide Software, Inc.

Currently the director of Riptide’s learning division, Nick Washburn has more than 20 years of experience working with high-tech entrepreneurs and for some of the world’s top brands. Riptide learning-product development aligns with the goals of the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative, and Nick is listed as a member of the workgroup that created xAPI. Since 2005, Nick has led the development of award-winning distance-learning training solutions used by Fortune 50 and 500 companies and the U.S. Department of Defense.


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