Developing Global Leaders in a VUCA World

Tuesday, January 26, 2016 1:00pm - 2:00pm EST  
Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Amanda MacArthur, Vice President, Global Pro Bono and Engagement, PYXERA Global; Anita Angelacci, HR Project Manager, FedEx Services; and Ross McAllister, Manager, Executive Development, FedEx

Learn to develop global leaders through a cost-efficient program that prepares them to thrive in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) environment. Anita Angelacci, senior HR adviser, FedEx, and Amanda MacArthur, vice president, global pro bono and engagement, PYXERA Global, discuss FedEx’s approach to developing global leadership competencies utilizing global pro bono programming. Understand how experiential learning is a vital and effective strategy to build future business leaders who will drive your business forward in a complex global business environment.


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Amanda MacArthur
Amanda MacArthur

Vice President, Global Pro Bono and Engagement, PYXERA Global

As vice president of global pro bono and engagement at PYXERA Global, Amanda MacArthur leads the organization’s Global Pro Bono and MBAs Without Borders programs, as well as the US Center for Citizen Diplomacy. In this capacity, Amanda designs and implements corporate social responsibility programs for the public and private sectors focused on skills-based volunteerism in emerging markets, leadership development, and sustainable economic impact. Most recently, Amanda played a key role in designing IBM’s Corporate Service Corps, while overseeing global pro bono programs for PepsiCo, Pfizer, FedEx, and several others.

Anita Angelacci
Anita Angelacci

HR Project Manager, FedEx Services

Anita Angelacci is an HR project manager for FedEx Services, where she is responsible for facilitating the talent review and succession planning process, assisting with the executive development of officers and directors, and managing the Global Leadership Corps. In her 31 years at FedEx, Anita has held a variety of leadership positions in recruiting, labor relations, and employee relations. Because FedEx is at the nexus of global trade, the company plays a major role in creating prosperity for millions of people. The Global Leadership Corps is one of the ways this is accomplished. By providing employees with an opportunity to use the knowledge, skills, and abilities they have acquired through their work at FedEx to help nonprofits around the world, FedEx is able to make a difference in the world on both a company and an individual level.

Ross McAllister
Ross McAllister

Manager, Executive Development, FedEx

Ross McAllister is responsible for the cross-operating company executive development programs at FedEx Corporation, as well as high-potential leadership development for the FedEx Services operating unit. Prior to this assignment, Ross spent 11 years as a facilitator and executive coach at the FedEx Express Leadership Institute. He also has more than 15 years of operations and management experience at FedEx in multiple domestic locations as well as internationally in the Philippines and China. He is a Certified Master Coach accredited by the International Council of Coaching, a Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence facilitator, Covey 7 Habits facilitator, and a WorkPlace Big5 Coach. Ross received an undergraduate degree at the University of Tennessee and a master's degree from Marshall University. His creative and innovative leadership seminars are very popular with groups that are looking for new concepts in leadership development.

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