Secrets of Talent Development Leaders: Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion for Innovation

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT  
Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Marjorie Derven, Managing Consultant, HUDSON Research & Consulting; Rebekah Steele, The Conference Board Human Capital Exchange; and Michael Docherty, CEO, Venture2 Inc.

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In today’s dynamic and highly competitive markets, companies are searching for new ways to leverage innovation as a key driver for growth. Many of these same companies undertake initiatives aimed at improving diversity and inclusion (D&I) as part of their talent strategy.

As a talent development leader, you have an incredible opportunity for improvement by connecting the dots among inclusion, diversity, and innovation. Learn from experts and from the secrets of leading companies who are demonstrating the power of D&I in accelerating innovation. These companies leverage the power of inclusiveness and diversity for a virtuous cycle of improvements in employee engagement, innovation, and business results. In this webcast, you’ll:

  • Learn how D&I can be linked with innovation to make the most of talent.
  • Gain practical insights into progressive D&I practices that can generate fresher ideas and faster results from innovation.
  • Apply lessons from leaders’ case studies in how a culture that promotes innovation and risk taking can reinforce and expand D&I.
  • Develop action steps for positive change by leveraging the interplay among diversity, inclusion, and innovation.


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Marjorie Derven
Marjorie Derven

Managing Consultant, HUDSON Research & Consulting

Marjorie Derven has more than 20 years of consulting experience in diversity and inclusion, global teams, organizational effectiveness, research and leadership development. She is also a senior fellow of the Human Capital Practice at The Conference Board, a global non-profit research organization providing business intelligence. In her work with top-tier companies, Marjorie designs custom solutions that fit organizational culture to promote buy-in and creates postive momentum to produce next level performance.

She has served on the boards of several professional associations, including the NY Human Resource Society and T+D Editorial Board. She is a Diversity Value Index and CLO Learning Elite Judge and serves on the Editorial Board of the OD Practitioner. A frequent presenter at global and national conferences, Marjorie has written over 20 articles on human capital-related issues and is co-author of Leveraging Diversity & Inclusion in a Global Economy, published by ATD Press. She writes a monthly blog on diversity and inclusion for the Association of Talent Development and on The Conference Board websites: Best Practices in Diversity and Inclusion

Learn more about HUDSON Research & Consulting or call 845.359.8800.

Rebekah Steele
Rebekah Steele

The Conference Board Human Capital Exchange

Rebekah Steele believes we can design a better future. As a business strategist, Rebekah turns breakthrough Diversity & Inclusion strategies into business success stories. When leaders are not achieving meaningful results in what they care about most, Rebekah helps them design new, inclusive ways to make the most of a broad mix of people and achieve groundbreaking outcomes through innovation, integration, transformation, and impact. In complementary roles as Principal of her consultancy and Senior Fellow with The Conference Board, Rebekah creates fresh value with D&I by working with progressive leaders around the world to:

  • Design custom strategies and measure the value they create
  • Lead innovation labs and propel deep, lasting change
  • Connect vanguard people and practices via speaking, coaching, teaching, writing.

Learn more at RebekahSteele.com and The Conference Board Human Capital Exchange

Michael Docherty
Michael Docherty

CEO, Venture2 Inc.

Michael Docherty brings a unique perspective on innovation, having been an entrepreneur, senior corporate executive and venture capitalist. It might explain why he's passionate about the intersection of corporate innovation and entrepreneurship. In his new book, Collective Disruption, Mike reveals how the smartest corporations are learning to partner and co-create with startups for transformative innovation. The book provides established companies with a practical framework for plugging into the startup ecosystem to fuel and incubate new businesses.

As CEO of Venture2 Inc., Mike and his organization work with leading companies to develop transformative innovation capabilities, build innovation ecosystems and accelerate the commercialization of breakthrough new products, services and business models.

Mike holds an MBA degree from Northwestern University's Kellogg School and BSME degree from Drexel University. He is a highly rated speaker on innovation and corporate venturing and an active supporter of the entrepreneurial community.

Mike can be reached at mdocherty@venture2.com.