The Critical Role of Leadership in Achieving Excellence in Healthcare Experience

Thursday, August 4, 2016 1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT  
Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Deanna Frings, Vice President, Learning & Professional Development, The Beryl Insititute

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Patient Experience matters.  Its importance continues to grow and remains a top priority for healthcare organizations as evidenced by our 2015 State of the Patient Experience study.  And central to patient experience is the awareness that leadership is a primary driver of success in supporting an organization’s experience efforts.  During this webinar, participants will learn a variety of strategies to support leader’s success in delivering excellence in healthcare experiences.

Learning Objectives:

1. Identify three key findings from the 2015 State of the Patient Experience Study
2. Explain three primary roles of leadership in enhancing the patient experience
3. Evaluate leader’s skill and knowledge using the Patient Experience Body of Knowledge framework. 


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Deanna Frings
Deanna Frings

Vice President, Learning & Professional Development, The Beryl Insititute

Deanna Frings is a recognized expert in patient/family experience, leadership development, and educational design. She has extensive experience as a senior strategist for improving the patient experience. As VP of  learning and professional development at The Beryl Institute, she helped shape the learning strategy and led the development of the Patient Experience Body of Knowledge courses, a comprehensive learning framework that provides a clear path to delivering superior patient experience performance.

Deanna has also expanded the development of many learning offerings focused on patient experience solutions, proven practices, and idea generation. She helps improve the patient experience, leads content selection for the annual Patient Experience conference, facilitates regional roundtables, and visits healthcare organizations through the Institute’s On the Road series. Deanna was instrumental in bringing physician leaders and champions together in forming the Physician Community of The Beryl Institute.

Prior to joining the institute, Deanna worked at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare as a respiratory therapist. She held a variety of leadership roles focusing on patient experience, strategic planning, operations, organization development, learning strategy, and solution deployment. She has a master of arts in education and instructional design.