How to Be a Coaching-Style Manager

Wednesday, November 1, 2017 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Bruce Tulgan

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As a manager, your job is to lift up all the employees in your performance spectrum – high-, medium-, and low-performers – and help them do more work, faster and better, every step of the way. Not just because that’s good for business, but also because continuous improvement is the key to keeping today’s employees focused and motivated. You don’t need a special personality or pizazz to be a coaching-style leader – all that’s required are the basic tools and strategies to engage and motivate your team.

Participants will learn:
• The different types of coaching-style leaders seen in organizations
• The key qualities that define coaching-style management
• How to apply and integrate concrete coaching strategies into regular performance management
• How to coach even the most hard-to-define performance benchmarks: soft skills such as professionalism and critical thinking


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Bruce Tulgan
Bruce Tulgan

Bruce Tulgan is an adviser to business leaders all over the world and a sought-after keynote speaker and seminar leader. He is the founder and CEO of RainmakerThinking, a management research and training firm, as well as RainmakerThinking.Training, an online training company. Bruce is the bestselling author of numerous books, including The 27 Challenges Managers Face, Not Everyone Gets a Trophy, It’s Okay to be the Boss, Winning the Talent Wars, FAST Feedback, and the classic Managing Generation X. His work has been the subject of thousands of news stories around the world. He has written pieces for numerous publications, including the New York Times, USA Today, the Harvard Business Review, Training Magazine, and Human Resources.