Convert Classroom Training to Virtual Training in 3 Simple Steps

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Cindy Huggett, Principal Consultant, Cindy Huggett Consulting, LLC

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Organizations are increasingly moving from instructor-led classroom training to the synchronous virtual classroom. However, one minute of classroom time does not equal one minute of virtual classroom time. And some face-to-face activities simply don’t make sense online. How do you know what to translate versus what to build from scratch, or what activity options are available that will help meet the desired learning outcomes?

This webcast will explore the three simple steps you should follow when converting your traditional, in-person training classes into live online ones. In addition, you will learn how to avoid the three most common conversion mistakes, and get lots of ideas for virtual class activities.

Whether you are a trainer, a designer, or someone overseeing training, you will leave this webcast with practical tips for migrating your classes to virtual solutions.

By attending this webcast, you will be able to:
• Translate classroom lessons into virtual activities.
• Avoid the three most common conversion mistakes.
• Determine the best virtual activity format for each learning objective.
• Design virtual sessions for frequent participant engagement.


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Cindy Huggett
Cindy Huggett

Principal Consultant, Cindy Huggett Consulting, LLC

Cindy Huggett is an independent consultant, professional speaker, instructional designer, classroom facilitator, and author who specializes in workplace training and development. With more than 25 years of experience, she has successfully designed curriculums, facilitated classes, and led training rollouts in almost every industry and every size organization. Cindy partners with her clients to help them transition from the face-to-face to the virtual classroom, and works with them to design online and blended learning solutions.

Cindy is the author of Virtual Training Tools and Templates (2017), The Virtual Training Guidebook (2013), and Virtual Training Basics (2010). She co-authored two Infoline issues, “Simple, Effective Online Learning” (2008) and “Designing for the Virtual Classroom” (2009). She’s also contributed to several compilations, including the ASTD Handbook and 101 Ways to Make Learning Active Beyond the Classroom, and written several articles for TD magazine. She holds a master’s degree in public and international affairs from the University of Pittsburgh, and a bachelor’s degree from James Madison University. She is also a past member of the ATD National Board of Directors and was one of the first to earn the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance designation.


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