The Skillsoft Effect: 3 Metrics and 3 Practices for Showing the Business Value of E-Learning

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Laura Rexford, Director, Value Engineering, Skillsoft Corporation

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Sometimes it feels like the hardest part of the e-learning journey is getting a talent project funded so you have the tools you need to help the workforce grow. Once you make the investment, how do you know that it’s paying off so you can continue your excellent work? As the world’s largest e-learning provider, Skillsoft has helped thousands of organizations show the value of e-learning. They call this codified collection of practices and results the Skillsoft Effect. In this webcast, Laura Rexford, director of value engineering at Skillsoft, will share three practices that have helped clients around the world get and maintain funding for e-learning projects. Additionally, she will discuss three types of metrics recommended when telling the learning value story to stakeholders.

Participants will take away:

  • three practices for getting and maintaining funding for e-learning projects and programs
  • three types of metrics recommended when telling the e-learning value story to stakeholders
  • a value chain worksheet for connecting use cases to organizational goals to business impact.


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Laura Rexford
Laura Rexford

Director, Value Engineering, Skillsoft Corporation

Laura Rexford has built a career helping organizations build the case for e-learning investments to address critical business issues such as skills shortages, employee engagement, and growing revenue. Her range of experience as an L&D practitioner, business leader, consultant, and certified ROI professional provides a strong backdrop for her role as director of value engineering at Skillsoft Corporation. Additionally, she is pursuing an advanced degree in data analytics—online, of course!—and enjoys the challenge of finding ways to incorporate this new knowledge into her practice.