Clarify and Manage Talent on Succession Planning

Monday, December 5, 2016 4:30pm - 5:30pm EST  
Host: Association for Talent Development
By: William J. Rothwell, President, Rothwell & Associates; Christina Barss, Corporate Director of Leadership and Learning, Houston Methodist; and Aileen Zaballero, Senior Partner, Rothwell & Associates

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This webcast is intended to build on the previous session in the succession planning webcast series. In previous webcasts in this series, we built the case for succession planning in healthcare. We obtained a commitment from key stakeholders. We clarified the goals, established the roles, and created an accountability system. Now it is time to do the work: clarifying and managing talent.

Clarifying and managing talent is a critical step as technology advances, workforce needs diversify, skills gaps increase, and the needs of the organization become more complicated. In this webcast, the presenters will:

  • Review the trends and challenges in healthcare.
  • Examine the Rothwell Model and Step 1: Get commitment.
  • Provide tools and techniques to update job descriptions and competency models.
  • Discuss strategies to manage talent.
  • Examine forecasting methods.

You’ll learn to:

  • Simplify the Rothwell Model.
  • Align job descriptions and competency models to organizational goals.
  • Manage job performance.
  • Forecast an organization's talent needs.


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William J. Rothwell
William J. Rothwell

President, Rothwell & Associates

William J. Rothwell, PhD, SPHR, is the president of Rothwell & Associates (www.rothwellandassociates.com) and professor in the Workforce Education and Development Program at the University Park campus of Penn State University. As a researcher he has been involved with the last five competency studies conducted by Association for Talent Development. In 2012 he won the association's prestigious Distinguished Contribution Award. He is the author of 81 books and 250 articles in the field and had 20 years of experience in government and the private sector before becoming a college professor in 1993.

Christina Barss
Christina Barss

Corporate Director of Leadership and Learning, Houston Methodist

Christina Barss, MS, MEd, SSBB, is a talent and organization development professional, university professor, academic researcher, and executive coach. She is the director of leadership and learning at Houston Methodist Hospital System; previously, she was the associate director of Samson Global Leadership Academy, Cleveland Clinic. She holds a PhD in management from Case Western Reserve University. 

Aileen Zaballero
Aileen Zaballero

Senior Partner, Rothwell & Associates

Aileen Zaballero is a senior partner at Rothwell & Associates and a dual-title PhD candidate in workforce education and comparative international education at Penn State. She is a CPLP with more than 20 years of experience in the learning and development field. Aileen's projects have included developing a Department of Labor competency model and career map, developing principles to guide competency-based learning, and researching how national culture interacts with emotional intelligence to drive performance among healthcare professionals.