Business Writing for Managers and Leaders

Thursday, February 9, 2017 1:00pm - 2:00pm EST

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Ken O'Quinn, Principal, Writing With Clarity

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The ability to communicate is the single most important skill a manager can have, and good writing is at the heart of communication. Most issues that managers handle end up in writing, and solutions require the clear thinking reflected in good writing. This webcast will provide managers with the techniques they need to organize topics, capture attention quickly, express ideas clearly and efficiently, and make a message visually inviting. We will discuss how to handle difficult situations tactfully in email and how to influence an audience.

This webcast will cover the following:
The Basics

  • Communication: The essential skill for managers in today’s workplace
  • The role of writing
  • A manager’s greatest challenge

Doing the Advance Work

  • Asking important questions about the message, audience, and situation
  • Brainstorm and ordering your topics

Packaging a Message That Pulls Readers In

  • Why the beginning-middle-end structure doesn’t work in email
  • The importance of presenting the essentials in the first few sentences
  • The need for graphic elements to make the message visually appealing

Using a Professional Tone

  • Structuring a message effectively in a delicate situation
  •  Knowing how to soften the impact of bad news
  • Understanding the difference between a complaint and a criticism

Essentials of Clear, Tight Writing

  • Identifying words that don’t contribute
  • Simplifying complex information using techniques that journalists use


Download the Handout Here:  Business Writing for Managers


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Ken O'Quinn
Ken O'Quinn

Principal, Writing With Clarity

Ken O’Quinn is a professional writing coach who has helped thousands of business professionals worldwide improve their ability to craft clear, compelling messages. He started Writing With Clarity following a long journalism career with the Associated Press and now conducts corporate workshops and provides one-on-one coaching. He is the author of Perfect Phrases for Business Letters. His clients include Facebook, GE, Dell, Chevron, Cisco, Georgia-Pacific, KPMG, Campbell’s Soup, Oracle, Motorola, Reebok, Dow Chemical (China), SAP (Singapore), and Vale Mining Corp. (Brazil).