Avoiding the Top Training Evaluation Pitfalls: A Book Club Meeting with the Kirkpatricks

Friday, August 18, 2017 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT  
Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Jim Kirkpatrick, Kirkpatrick Partners and Wendy Kirkpatrick, Kirkpatrick Partners

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Myths and misapplications abound in the world of training evaluation. In this webcast, Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick will reveal the top training evaluation pitfalls seen around the world, as detailed in their latest book, Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Training Evaluation. They will lead an interactive and thought-provoking discussion, book club style, of practical solutions to these problems that economize limited training resources.

This webcast is appropriate for training professionals of any level of experience who want to ensure that the training they provide is truly creating value for their organizations or their clients. It is not necessary to have read the latest Kirkpatrick book to participate in and benefit from this interactive program. Participants will come away with a fresh perspective on the Kirkpatrick Model, as well as a list of ideas they can implement in their work.

After this session, you will know how to:
• Design training with the end result in mind.
• Focus on improving performance after training.
• Create evaluation tools that gather meaningful, usable data.

Download the Handout Here:  Avoiding the Top Training Evaluation Pitfalls


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Jim Kirkpatrick
Jim Kirkpatrick

Kirkpatrick Partners

Dr. Jim Kirkpatrick is the Senior Consultant for Kirkpatrick Partners. He is a thought leader in training evaluation and the creator of the New World Kirkpatrick Model. Using his 15 years of experience in the corporate world, including eight years as a training manager, Jim trains and consults for corporate, government, military and humanitarian organizations around the world. He is passionate about assisting learning professionals in redefining themselves as strategic business partners to become a viable force in the workplace.

Jim delivers lively keynote addresses and conducts workshops on topics including maximizing business results, creating powerful training and evaluation strategies, building and leveraging business partnerships and increasing the transfer of learning to on-the-job behaviors.

Jim has co-written three books with his father, Don Kirkpatrick, the creator of the Kirkpatrick Model. He also has written four books with Wendy Kirkpatrick, including Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Training Evaluation and Training on Trial. Jim and Wendy also served as the subject matter experts for the United States Office of Personnel Management’s Training Evaluation Field Guide: Demonstrating the Value of Training at Every Level.

Wendy Kirkpatrick
Wendy Kirkpatrick

Kirkpatrick Partners

Wendy Kirkpatrick is the President and Founder of Kirkpatrick Partners. As a global driving force of the use and implementation of the Kirkpatrick Model, Wendy leads companies to measurable success through training and evaluation. Wendy’s results orientation stems from over two decades of business experience in retailing, marketing and training. She has held positions as a buyer, product manager, process manager and training manager, which leveraged her ability to organize complex, multifaceted projects and yield rapid results. As a training manager, she managed the training curriculum for 1500 sales and customer service representatives across North America.

Wendy and Jim Kirkpatrick have written four books, including Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Training Evaluation. They also served as the subject matter experts for the United States Office of Personnel Management’s Training Evaluation Field Guide: Demonstrating the Value of Training at Every Level. Wendy is a recipient of the 2013 Emerging Training Leaders Award from Training Magazine.

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