The Brain Science of Healthcare Patient and Provider Satisfaction and Why VR Provides an Ideal Solution

Friday, March 15, 2019 1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT  
Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Todd Maddox, P.h.D, CEO and Founder, Cognitive Design and Statistical Consulting, LLC and Tim Fitzpatrick, Co-Founder, IKONA

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This webcast focuses on the relationship between healthcare education and training and patient and provider satisfaction. We argue that high-quality training for patients and providers is synergistic, leading to mutual understanding and empathy, a strong working relationship that benefits both parties, and enhanced patient and provider satisfaction. We evaluate traditional approaches to patient and provider training, usually text-based, from a learning science perspective—the marriage of psychology and brain science. We show that text-based healthcare training content targets one learning system in the brain, is generally ineffective, and is especially ineffective in children, older adults, and in stressful or anxiety-producing situations (common in healthcare).

Next, we explore virtual reality (VR) approaches to healthcare education and training. We show that VR training approaches incorporate a broad set of learning systems in the brain in synchrony, including learning systems that are less affected by age, stress, or anxiety. We conclude that immersive technologies, like VR, provide cost-effective, scalable high-quality educational training tools for healthcare patients and providers that enhance satisfaction and performance.

In this webcast, you will learn about:

  • the emerging technology of virtual reality as applied in healthcare
  • the psychology and brain science behind VR technology
  • the potential for this technology to revolutionize education and training for patients and providers
  • some current use cases of this technology.



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Todd Maddox, P.h.D
Todd Maddox, P.h.D

CEO and Founder, Cognitive Design and Statistical Consulting, LLC

Todd is the CEO and Founder of Cognitive Design and Statistical Consulting, LLC. His passion is to apply his 25 years of scientific and neuroscientific expertise, gained by managing a large human learning and performance laboratory, to help build better training solutions. Todd published over 200 scientific articles resulting in over 10,000 academic citations. Todd is a prolific learning science speaker, and to date, has won over $10 million in federal grants from the National Institute of Health, National Science Foundation, and Department of Defense. After receiving his Ph.D. in Psychology and Brain Science, Todd embarked on a 25-year academic research career achieving status as a leader in the fields of human learning and memory. Todd is especially interested in applying his optimized training expertise to healthcare, corporate training and the emerging technologies of VR/AR/MR. He is currently writing a book focused on bringing the science of optimized training into the commercial sector. Twitter: @wtoddmaddox

Tim Fitzpatrick
Tim Fitzpatrick

Co-Founder, IKONA

Tim Fitzpatrick is a cofounder and CEO of IKONA, a company creating immersive content and mixed reality applications designed to transform the patient experience and train the next generation of healthcare providers. A U.S. Navy veteran and former Wall Street technology sector equities trader, Tim is driven by his own long-term patient journey and an endeavor to change the human experience. 

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