How Talent Development Can Lead the Adoption of New Technology

Friday, December 13, 2019 2:00pm - 3:00pm EST  
Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Suzanne Frawley, Director, Talent Management, Plains All American Pipeline, L.P.; Regina Hartley, Vice President, Global Talent Management, UPS; Adrian Stevens, Vice President, Learning & Professional Development, Hewlett Packard Enterprise; and John Cone', Principal Catalyst, the 11th Hour Group

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The adoption of new technology in organizations has been growing exponentially. Today, new tech, especially what is referred to as digitization, emanates from every part of the business and is generated from employees everywhere. The talent development function is at the heart of this digital transformation. When new tech has a broad reach, high visibility, and the potential for significant impact on people and culture, TD must play a more strategic role in leading the digital transformation. During this ATD member-only webcast, three executives in the field will share their thoughts and experiences about how TD can drive adoption of new technology by:

• being active participants in the decision process around selection
• leading the organization in assessing associated development needs implied by the new technology
• identifying organizational and individual barriers to the successful adoption
• taking actions to increase the ease and speed of adoption.


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Suzanne Frawley
Suzanne Frawley

Director, Talent Management, Plains All American Pipeline, L.P.

In her current role as director, talent management for Plains All American, a Fortune 150 oil and gas company, Suzanne Frawley is building the talent strategy, which includes talent reviews, succession planning, and leadership development from the high-potential to the frontline leader. Her prior experience includes serving as director, learning for Phillips 66, a Fortune 50 oil and gas company, where she created the learning strategy and led her team in building and enhancing the leadership and professional skills across the organization. Prior to working at Phillips 66, she led the organizational development team at Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, where she created and led leadership development and learning strategy as well as drove initiatives on talent management, change management, and organizational effectiveness. She also has held positions as HR business partner and manager, L&D for Boehringer Ingelheim, as well as a variety of field and corporate positions in L&D, sales and technical training, and sales consulting.

Frawley is a member of ATD's Chief Talent Development Officer (CTDO) Next network.

Regina Hartley
Regina Hartley

Vice President, Global Talent Management, UPS

As the UPS vice president of global talent management, Regina Hartley is an accomplished HR professional with experience in talent acquisition, succession planning, L&D, organizational design, employee relations, communications, total rewards, and organizational transformation. Throughout her career, Hartley has seen how, given the opportunity, people with passion and purpose will astound you. Her TED talk, “Why the Best Hire Might Not Have the Perfect Résumé,” has been viewed more than 3.5 million times and has started a global conversation about the merits of hiring “scrappers”—people who have overcome adversity. A strong evangelist for giving back and paying it forward, Hartley is chairperson of the board of trustees of the Independent College Fund of New Jersey, a trustee of New Jersey’s Ramsey Public Education Foundation, a member of the United Way of Bergen County’s Women United in Philanthropy giving circle, and coaches a CYO boys basketball team.

Hartley is a member of ATD's Chief Talent Development Officer (CTDO) Next network.

Adrian Stevens
Adrian Stevens

Vice President, Learning & Professional Development, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

As vice president of learning and professional development at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Adrian Stevens is responsible for the enterprise-wide learning and development strategy, including leadership development, assessment, coaching, onboarding, professional skills, emerging technologies, functions, and compliance portfolios for HPE's people and people leaders. Since the launch of HPE in 2015, he has led the development of HPE’s leadership model, future skills, digital learning, culture activation, and people strategy. Beyond HPE, he is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Systems initiative focused on the future of education, gender and work, and the WEF IT Consortium. Prior to the launch of HPE, Stevens led the L&D separation management office at HP, contributing to one of the largest and fastest corporate separations to date and the successful stand-up of learning ecosystems for both HPE and HP Inc. Before pursuing a passion for bringing out the best in people and a move to join L&D, he led business and go-to-market teams covering sales, marketing, and business operations within HP’s Enterprise, SMB, and consumer organizations. A San Francisco Bay Area resident, Stevens has lived and worked in Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific, contributing to his belief in the strength of cultural diversity across global organizations.

Stevens is a member of ATD's Chief Talent Development Officer (CTDO) Next network.

John Cone'
John Cone'

Principal Catalyst, the 11th Hour Group

John Coné has worked in talent development for more than 40 years. In that time, he has served as a chief learning officer (CLO), a vice president of HR, on the boards of nonprofit and for-profit learning companies and organizations, including ATD, and as a consultant and advisor to CLOs at more than a dozen major companies and to the federal government. He writes and speaks about issues of talent development, with emphasis on strategy, the implications of technology, and the future of learning. He chairs the Chief Learning and Talent Officer Board for the Institute for Corporate Productivity. He serves as catalyst of ATD's Chief Talent Development Officer (CTDO) Next network, and in this role, he facilitates a think tank approach to the network's applied thought leadership.

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