How to Respond to Change and Reskill With Continuous L&D

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 2:00pm - 3:00pm EST

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Matthew Brown, Chief People & Culture Officer, Schoox and Rachel Grzeskowiak, Client Marketing Specialist, BizLibrary

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Nearly 70 percent of employees report that they do not have mastery of the skills they need for their jobs.

But what are the skills, competencies, and knowledge gaps that the organization needs today? And how can L&D teams work quickly to upskill and reskill employees while developing an agile learning culture that keeps pace with evolving business demands?

Join Matthew Brown from Schoox and Rachel Grzeskowiak from BizLibrary to learn:

-Characteristics of continuous learning and development organizations and programs 
-How L&D can lead successful change within your organization
-How to bring skills, goals, performance, and learning together 
-The business impact of soft skills training 


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Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown

Chief People & Culture Officer, Schoox

Matthew Brown is the vice president of learning and brand success at Schoox. Working more than 15 years in IT, HR, and L&D, Matthew managed complex HR and IT enterprise SaaS solutions, training initiatives, and program rollouts. Today he blends people, processes, and technology to better connect HR and talent development.

Rachel Grzeskowiak
Rachel Grzeskowiak

Client Marketing Specialist, BizLibrary

Rachel Grzeskowiak is the client marketing specialist at BizLibrary. She works closely with the client success and marketing teams to build stronger client relationships through a variety of resources and communications. She researches best practices and industry trends to ensure that BizLibrary clients are receiving relevant resources to help them reach their business goals.