Evolving L&D: Before Artificial Intelligence ... Master Adaptive Learning

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Matthew Brown, Chief People & Culture Officer, Schoox and TJ Coyle, Chief Operating Officer, Pharmazam, LLC

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Nowadays, the pace of change feels like a strange collision between keeping up and catapulting forward.
Instead of being held back by our technology, we’re being handed an explosion of possibilities.

HR and L&D teams are doing their best to evolve. But at some point, it’s easy to wonder if it’s getting harder to keep up with keeping up. Join Matthew Brown, vice president of learning and brand success, and TJ Coyle, chief operating officer at Pharmazam and former chief learning officer at Alphanumeric Systems, as they define, demystify, and differentiate two of the biggest trends today: artificial intelligence and adaptive learning.

They’ll answer questions like:
• How do we evolve our company’s culture of learning?
• Which new approach is going to support our strategy?
• Where does adaptive learning end and AI begin?
• How do predictive analytics and personalization fit in?
• Are we prepared to adopt, adapt, and manage change within our organization?

By the end of the webcast, Brown and Coyle hope to demonstrate the difference between a hyped marketing message and the practical application of our industry’s latest innovations.


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Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown

Chief People & Culture Officer, Schoox

Matthew Brown is the vice president of learning and brand success at Schoox. He has spent more than 15 years in IT, HR, L&D, and talent management, across multiple industries, with a majority of that time being focused on the hospitality and restaurant industry. Brown brings his unique blend of technical skills to the world of HR and training, allowing for an innovative approach to the integration of people, processes, and tools. He has led numerous training initiatives, stood up complex HR and IT Enterprise SaaS Solutions, and led countless program rollouts. His passion for L&D combined with a unique blend of technical and business expertise allows him to bring a fresh take on the business of people practices. In his spare time, he enjoys volunteering at several community nonprofit organizations and spending time with his family and pets. 

TJ Coyle
TJ Coyle

Chief Operating Officer, Pharmazam, LLC

TJ Coyle is an experienced senior executive, consultant, and lifelong learning and talent development leader. From 2014–2018, he served as the director of learning and chief learning officer for Alphanumeric Systems where he focused on learning and development strategies to improve employee satisfaction, responsiveness, quality of service, and retention. Today, Coyle is an investor in and chief operating officer of Pharmazam, a genetics-based medication management system.