What’s Missing from your Leadership Development Program: Followership!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012 12:00pm - 1:00pm EDT  
Host: Association for Talent Development
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You have a leadership development program because training leaders makes organizations work better; strong, competent leadership is a key to why companies flourish. To keep the leadership pipeline flowing, you look to recruit and retain the best leaders, and develop a robust internal talent pipeline your farm team. So why do companies lose many of their highest potential and most promising leaders? What is the number one reason new executives fail? Why is 2-way communication only half the story? What crucial ability underpins employee effectiveness? How can executives coach and mentor this ability? And what can you do to significantly improve your leadership training tomorrow? The answer to all these questions is followership. This thought-provoking webinar is based on eight years research and experience bringing followership into organizations across North America. We will explore the role of followership in leadership, its role in organizational success, its role in personal success, how followership is critical to role clarity and engagement, and what it means for communications.


  • Take away ideas that will immediately impact many of your OD and HR programs, including leadership, on-boarding, coaching, and mentoring
  • Deliver fresh insights to your senior management team
  • Develop a new perspective on partnerships that will change the way you think about engagement, accountability, innovation, and change management.
  • Increase retention of your high-potential talent
  • Learn key research results from the emerging discipline of followership.


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Samantha Kerr Hurwitz, CMA CHRP, is a passionate and highly regarded workplace coach, mentor, and business leader. She is adept at developing people and building teams that are enthused, collaborative, and high achieving. As a certified HR professional and an accountant, with extensive executive experience in both, she has led multi-million dollar projects, large operational units, corporate HR initiatives, and taught leadership (and followership) at the college level.

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Dr. Marc Hurwitz, PhD MBA MS MS, is an insightful and engaging polymath with a doctorate in cognitive neuroscience and graduate degrees in business, mathematics and physics. Marc has over 20 years experience as an HR professional facilitating, coaching, and cultivating growth in individuals and teams. An award winning communicator, actor, and presenter, Marc has delivered talks and workshops on creativity, neuroscience, leadership, and followership around the country. Together with his partner Samantha, they have developed the first integrated model of leadership and followership: the Generative Partnership Model.

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