Employees, Experience, and Empathy: Five Ideas to Help Design the Future of Work

Tuesday, April 27, 2021 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Matthew Brown, Chief People & Culture Officer, Schoox and Karen Clem, Director, Talent Development, Schoox

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How many times have we implemented learning or talent technology hoping it would shift behaviors and deliver on the promise of organizational transformation?

How many times has engagement and real behavior change fallen short of expectations?

For every buzzword and every new tech provider, there’s a laundry list of HR and L&D teams left with a lot of tech entanglement and, sadly, lackluster employee engagement.

What gives? During this webinar, Matthew Brown and Karen Clem will take you through:

• Getting to the heart of what employees want and how that aligns to company objectives
• Why empathy is so important to real transformation, engagement, and behavior change
• Understanding the difference between engagement and experience and how to get the results you want
• How to bring these elements together with a design-thinking methodology used to transform deep-seated, institutionalized behavior for the better.


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Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown

Chief People & Culture Officer, Schoox

Matthew Brown is the vice president of learning and brand success at Schoox. During his more than 15 years in IT, HR, and L&D, Matthew managed complex HR and IT Enterprise SaaS solutions, training initiatives, and program rollouts. Today, he blends people, processes, and technology to better connect HR and talent development.

Karen Clem
Karen Clem

Director, Talent Development, Schoox

Karen Clem is the director of enterprise talent development within the learning and brand success team at Schoox. Karen has a passion for developing individuals to reach their fullest potential in each organization she serves. She has more than 15 years in talent development as a leader, instructional designer, facilitator, and strategist to implement effective solutions to help move the needle in performance and employee experience.