Meeting Effectiveness in Remote Environments

Friday, April 16, 2021 1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Susan Kleinschmidt, CEO, Good Insights Strategy

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Remote work is not a new concept. In fact, many organizations offered work from home options on occasion or had transitioned to remote work as part of their company model well before the COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to implement remote work for the first time. However, for the majority of industries, the pandemic ushered in a steep learning curve on how to make remote work effective.

Meetings are an important part of most people’s workdays. In prepandemic times it was already challenging to run an effective meeting. In our virtual work worlds, there are some essential ways to transform your meetings to make them successful regardless of where you or your employees might be and no matter the difficulty or importance of the topic.

Join us on April 16 to learn some strategies and tools for effective virtual meetings. 

This webcast will discuss:

• Effective preparation
• Ground rules for virtual meetings
• How to avoid deadly silence, including tips for engagement
• How to maintain focus and accomplish your meeting goal



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Susan Kleinschmidt
Susan Kleinschmidt

CEO, Good Insights Strategy

Susan Kleinschmidt is the founder and chief problem solving officer at Good Insights Strategy. She started the organization because of her passion for organizational dynamics and teaching organizations how to increase their effectiveness so that they are profitable and stable and their employees are productive and healthy. Susan believes time is precious, and she loves discovering ways to make things more effective and finding better, clearer, and simpler paths to get work done. She loves supporting leaders and organizations in the development and implementation of a well-thought-out strategic direction.

Susan works with her clients to create a culture required for success. The key result of her expertise is clear direction for clients and their organizations, leading to superior performance and improved engagement and morale.