Demo: AI Knowledge Management: The Essential Complement to Training the Digital Workforce

Monday, December 5, 2022 2:00pm - 2:30pm EST

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Evan Siegel, Vice President of AI Solutions for Financial Services, eGain

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Traditional training and L&D help onboard new employees and refresh and update their knowledge over time, but there are challenges. Employees’ attention spans have been plummeting, with younger generations driving the trend. Research shows that humans retain only 25 percent of what they learn a mere two days later and a paltry 2 percent a month later. Traditional training programs have been disrupted by the pandemic and new hybrid work models. Situational know-how is hard to impart in a traditional training class.

The solution? Proactive, personalized guidance using AI technology, delivered from modern knowledge hubs. In this demo, you will see a use case for such guidance, where the capability augments the conversation of a banker with a consumer, as they assess a customer’s situation and recommend a personalized solution.

During this event, you will learn:

  • Why artificial intelligence (AI) knowledge management is the essential complement to training the digital workforce
  • How proactive, personalized guidance using AI technology can overcome the challenges faced by traditional training
  • About one use case, demonstrating how modern knowledge hubs can be used to provide guidance and augment conversations between a banker and a consumer


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Evan Siegel
Evan Siegel

Vice President of AI Solutions for Financial Services, eGain

Evan Siegel is the vice president of AI solutions for financial services at eGain. In this role, he is extending eGain’s award-winning AI, knowledge management, and customer engagement technology from customer service to the sales domain. Prior to eGain, Evan held various customer experience and sales strategy leadership roles during his 15 years at Wells Fargo, where he also established the bank’s financial health coaching team that was featured on the company’s 2019 brand campaign, annual report, and ABC’s Good Morning America


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